Nerf Rival Khaos Review | Is MXVI-4000 Worth It?

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Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 blaster comes with a vast magazine with 40 rounds capacity, 40 high impact foam rounds. It makes the play more powerful and interesting. Because It promises foam-popping fun with the performance. 

In this Nerf Rival Khaos review, you will get all the information if you are still thinking of taking it or not. So stick with me till the end.

Nerf Rival Khaos Review : At a Glance


Brand: Nerf
Dimensions: 3.19 in x  30 in x 14.02 in
Weight: 5.68 Lbs
Recommanded Age: Fourteen Years and up

  • This blaster is easy to load and fun to use for its spring mechanism.
  • The balls shoot fast and hard, you have to use safety glass to protect eyes and face.
  • A fully automatic mechanism holds 40 foam rounds.
  • The shooting power is 100 fps with accuracy.
  • Great range with fire rate makes the team battle intense and adventurous.
  • This toy gun holds enough ammo to avoid jamming.
  • The huge 6D batteries run out of charge in 2 hours of continuous use.
  • For first time users, loading the magazine gets difficult.


Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster is an automatic gun and a must have blaster for any nerf lovers.

The ergonomics of the blaster is sleek in design and full automatic capability. Though the fire rate is not super-fast, it provides enough performance to beat your opponent just in minutes.

It is worth the price and best Nerf gun to pick in any battle competition.

Key Features of Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Khaos MXVI-4000 is a huge and powerful primary gun. The Nerf Rival Khaos release date was in 2016 under all the Rival series. 

It is fully automatic with rechargeable battery, and you have to use a 6 D cycle battery. So you can fling the foam balls for the whole day.

While firing with this blaster, the fire rate increases even if the magazine gets empty. It is for the spring that releases the rounds with less pressure and fast.

The interesting part is that Khaos Nerf Rival is named after Khaos – the first primeval gods of Greek legends, you can spell it Chaos also.

Nerf Rival Khaos blaster (Blue or Red) – which design you prefer

Before talking about the design, I must say that both guns are the same. It is the color that makes it different in the look.

This huge blaster is seriously a big one, the age recommendation for this gun right as the younger one will get frustrated while playing as they will fail to handle the gun.

Rival Khaos batteries are D cycle and require 6 big batteries.  You can also go for the  rechargeable battery to run this toy gun. You will find the battery carrier on the top of the gun. You have to use a cross head screw to unscrew the carrier and pull out the carrier to replace the batteries.

Do you think Khaos magazine is responsible for looking at the Nerf gun huge? No, This blaster is itself a good-sized beast. You can release the magazine with the button that comes on two sides.

The design of the magazine is interesting. There are four tubes in the magazine that allows loading 40 rounds at a time. The tubes’ spring lock helps to load and slide down the balls after finishing the loading.

But the blaster design is solid, and the shoulder stock comes with a decent design that helps to keep the gun steady while you are in a battle.

The grip style of this new Rival Khaos is comfortable. Don’t worry about big or small hand sizes; it is compatible with all hand sizes. 

This flywheel –powered and motorized Nerf gun comes with two triggers- one is to activate the motor, and the other one is the main trigger to shoot. You can lock the triggers with the safety catch to avoid unwanted shoots.gun


As it is a flywheel Rival Nerf toy, there is a second grip to activate the flywheel. When the flywheel is on, squeeze the main trigger and unload all the foam balls you have from the magazine.

The firing system works with a conveyor belt that delivers the rounds to the flywheels. The system is – you pull the trigger; the belt will collect the first four balls from the magazine and send them to the flywheel.

The Nerf rounds come with pimples that make the golf ball alike. For this design, they are smooth and powerful to shoot with accuracy.

The range of the Khaos comes in 102 FPS. This makes the shoot constant and the fire rate is high.

Nerf Rival Khaos Attachments

Battery Pack

The blaster needs 6 big batteries to run, but they drain out fast. With the Nerf Rival rechargeable battery pack, your shooting performance will get enhanced.

You will see some users rewire the gun to boost the shooting performance, but you will get the same shooting experience if you install this battery pack. You don’t need to crack open the blaster for higher performance.

This battery pack will make the flywheels quickly rev up, providing a constant fire rate without any drop-off and little increase in range power. Your weapon will be more reliable, steadier than before.

Nerf Rival Flashlight Grip

You may feel the need for a grip in the front of the Rival gun. You can attach the Rival flashlight grip or only the flashlight or only the grip- it totally depends on your performance.

Attaching the flashlight grip is recommended. When you are in the battle, swing the blaster with the light one. Your opponent will not know what is coming for them, and they will lose the game for sure.

The grip makes your hold steadier and comfortable. 

Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight

Though the Rival series comes with accuracy, attaching an extra red dot sight for your opponent’s clean and sharp sight is a wise move. Your accuracy and range will get improved.

Extra magazine

You may want an extra magazine to double up the blaster balls. But for this, you may tend to get another new blaster to add the collection. But hey! How to use them both at a time? Well, attach both magazines with duct tape. 

But remember to attach one upward and the other one downward. By this, when one magazine is out of ammo, then insert the other one just rotating the full attached magazine.

You can also go for rewiring the Khaos for powerful performance. For this, you have to open and remove and add some parts in the Nerf gun. 

But you have to do the mod at your own risk because it is quite sensitive to work with wires. One mistake and the whole blaster will get useless.

Anyway, after modding your Khaos gun, don’t forget to get a Nerf Rival mask. Because the gun will shoot like a beast, and you and your team need to stay safe from getting hurt with the rounds.

Best Alternatives Of Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

This Rival series blaster is hopper fed, flywheel powered, and fully automatic with 100 round capacity.  As it is a Rival blaster, so it doesn’t have an attachment point in the muzzle area. So, there is no chance to attach any barrels here.

Above the muzzle, there are two sling mounts side by side. You can use them per your preference. There is a folding front side in which you can keep it folded.

On the top, there is a tactical rail that is attached to the hopper. You have to open the hopper to load the 100 Nerf balls. Remember to shut the door, or else you will not allow to rev.

There is rear sight attached behind the hopper. You can push it back to pull out the hopper. When you face a jammed Nerf, you have to pull it out.

In the below, there is also another sling point. You can use it also. The grip is comfortable to hold. There are two triggers to operate this blaster. As it is a flywheel blaster, you have to activate it by pressing the small trigger before going to the main trigger.

This blaster is battery powered and has a battery tray where it requires 6 D batteries. You can use the rechargeable battery pack and it is recommended.


  • Full automatic
  • Comes with hopper to load the 100 rounds
  • 100 high capacity foam balls
  • Ultimate precision

2. NERF Perses MXIX-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster

This hopper-fed Nerf gun comes with conveyor and flywheel power. In the front, the barrel comes with clean design.

There is a sturdy tactical rail to attach flashlights or grip your preference.

On top of the gun, you will get the new design round access door. The new design means you have to push a button to open the door.

Behind the access, the door is the hopper where you can load up to 50 foamy rounds to shoot. The hopper comes with one clear door. You can load the balls easily and fast.

In the hopper, there is a conveyor belt that helps to juggle up the balls while shooting. There is a hopper release handle on the side of the nerf blaster to release the hopper for the jamming problem.

The grip is comfortable to hold, and the primary and main trigger comes with a safety lock. Start with the primary trigger to activate the flywheel then press the main trigger when you and your team are ready.

The rechargeable battery pack is situated below that comes with a unique design. All you have to do is push the tiny button and slide another button; the battery will come out.


  • Fastest firing system.
  • Motorized Rival blaster with 50 round capacity.
  • Fast load hopper and rechargeable battery.

3. Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

This nerf gun is automatic and comes with a huge 200 round capacity with power and accuracy from any other guns of the Rival series.

The barrel comes in a simple design without any extension. There are string points to use the shoulder strap.

The Rival Prometheus is  unique in design because it comes with a carry handle to hold and shoot in the Nerf war. The removable handle is easy to handle and spin in any way you want.

There is a tactical rail near the handle that allows you to use any type of Nerf accessories you want.

Under the Nerf Prometheus, there are two feet like snowshoes that keep the Rival blaster balanced on the place while firing.

The hopper unit comes with a huge capacity to hold 200 rounds. Slide the hopper door and load the balls easily and fast.

There is a reset button at the blaster side when you need to reset the gun mechanisms system.

The unique grip design is an interesting part of this blaster. It is situated on the top and end of the rival Prometheus. As usual, there are two triggers – one is to start the flywheel, and the other one is for firing the shots.

There is an indicator that tells whether your gun is ready to shoot or not. If the system is okay, the indicator will turn green. Otherwise, it will turn red.

The rechargeable battery pack is at the below end of the Rival. Charge the battery and install it. Yes, it is easy and fast to use.


  • The acceleration system is advanced that allows it to fire up to 8 rounds in a second.
  • Comes with the capacity of high impact 200 rounds.
  • Fires at the speed of 100 feet in one second.

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From this Nerf Rival Khaos review, you can guess that Rival Khaos MXVI -4000 blaster is fun to play with. This Rival blaster is recommended for 14+ kids who love to blast away their opponents. 

Though the blaster comes with a big magazine, it is popular for high capacity. So pick the Nerf Khaos and play with your team.

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