5 Best Nerf Scope & Sight in 2024 [Buying Guide]

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Do you know when the first telescopic rifle sight was invented? It was between 1835 and 1840. Morgan James made this type of sight at first which was designed by a civil engineer named John R. Chapman.

You may not get the thrill of the real telescopic sight, but Nerf added scope as one of the accessories to get the real feel of a battlefield. 

If you are trying to modify your blaster with something that would increase your power of fighting, then you must need this Nerf accessory to find your object and aim at this.

The first scope with compatible tactical rail was the Longshot scope which was released in 2006. Then after several pieces came one after one. So, if you want to have your one, let’s go through the article to find the best Nerf scope.

5 Best Nerf Scope in 2020

Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope

Weight: 1.07 Lbs
Recommanded age: 8 Years & Up
For: Nerf Modulus blaster

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Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight

Weight: 0.43 Lbs
Recommanded age: 14 Years & Up
For: Nerf Rival blaster

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Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops

Weight: 0.9 Lbs
Recommanded age: 8 Years & Up
For: Nerf Modulus blaster

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Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit

Weight: 0.96 Lbs
Recommanded age: 8 Years & Up
For: Nerf Modulus blaster

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TEANTECH Scope Sight TEANTECH Scope Sight

Weight: 0.2 Lbs
Recommanded age: 3 Years & Up
For: Any Toy blaster (not for small blaster)

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Nerf Modulus Day/ Night Zoom Scope

Nerf Modulus Day/ Night Zoom Scope

Key Features:

  • The zoom option makes a 5 times larger image.
  • Infrared mode to have clear vision in low-light.
  • Bright-light and low-light mode selector.
  • A tactical rail which holds parts like a tactical flashlight.
  • Display screen.

To modify your Modulus blaster with a more powerful instrument, you may search for the Perfect Nerf Scope. From my view I must go for Nerf Modulus Day/ Night Zoom scope as it has a magnifier which is rare to find in the others. 

When you look for a sight, you must want it to be clear to magnify the target. The magnifying feature of the  Modulus Zoom Scope makes the image 5 times bigger. Though the range is not quite large, it provides a fairly good sight while searching your target. 

With the toggle button, on the top center of the attachment,  you can zoom in or zoom out. Besides, there is another switch with which you can shift the mode according to daylight, night and neutral position. 

Turn the switch from low-light to bright-light whatever you need to. In most of the cases the performance is noticed better with the night vision option.

Infrared mode helps to find the target even in a darker place. 7 infrared LEDs, surrounding the camera lens helps the battler to see clearer without any interference of those LEDs. But if you want to make it in complete darkness, it may cause an accidental issue. 

So, be aware of this if you want to play at a total dark place. The performance of the rubber screen shroud is fair and firm. Moreover, it blocs a tiny portion of sunlight which may distort your view by excessive sunlight. 

It is attachable by the tactical rail. You can tighten the scope with a knob to lock it. It secures the scope from falling down while you are in a run or in a rough movement. However, you can separate the scope spontaneously even in the locked mode. So you can put it on your toy

gun and even use a tactical torch light together. To use this, you must have 4 AA batteries as these are not included. Keep in mind that it is not for the children under 3.

  • Pretty good quality picture.
  • Infrared light makes great performance in low lighted places.
  • 5X zooming digital camera.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Accuracy in target finding.
  • Locking mode with a knob for saving the scope from falling apart.
  • Camera with low resolution.
For Rival Series – #2 Pick
NERF Rival Red Dot Sight

NERF Rival Red Dot Sight

Key Features:

  • Anti-reflective lense aligns the red dot with a target.
  • Adjustable sight.
  • Quick-release Camlock.
  • Features diecast details.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Want to customize your Rival blasters with the experience of great precision? Then Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight is one of the scope which can aim your target precisely with a red dot alignment. 

The package comes with red dot sight and camlock. Through the anti- reflective lens, you have to align the red dot to your target. But you will get its highest efficiency when it is extremely dark. Because sometimes the red dot may distract your sight in the daylight.

To mount and unfix on a tactical rail there is a range system. With this one, you can loosen and tight the optic very comfortably and switch it from one weapon to another at the battle field. 

As a plastic attachment, it may sometimes wobbles. But this is not a big issue as you have to realize that it’s a simple toy attachment with a cheap price. 

Among the Nerf Scope Accessories, I love most the black-orange color combination of this Rival scope. Though it is made and compatible for Rival blasters, some of the blasters from other series also are usable with this one.

  • Attachable with almost every Rival blaster.
  • Ultimate precision and intense activity.
  • Easily removable with a tiny range.
  • Plastic that reflects red dot is a bit cheap in quality.
  • Wobbles sometimes.
For Modulus Blaster – #3 Pick
Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

Key Features:

  • Comes with 3 accessories.
  • Red dot sight to fix your aim.
  • Proximity barrel extension enhances accuracy.
  • Pivot grip with a smart look.
  • Makes so many combinations with Modulus blasters.

To mod your Modulus gun, this Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit could be your desirable kit as it comes with 3 necessary parts. And it includes a red dot sight, proximity barrel and a pivot grip. 

You can have these accessories separately but this package is a little bit cheap as you get it all 3 in 1. The red sight does not work as a magnifier. It looks pretty cool with a holographic view. Through the plastic lens you can look and fix your target. 

You will get advantage of the red dot function properly in the dark. But it’s aiming is not super cool as a part of a mod kit.

Then the pivot grip is very useful and flexible to fit with the Modulus. Fix it on the tactical rail beneath the blaster. The interesting part is that you can fold the foregrip as your requirement. There is a tiny orange switch. Just have to push it once and open the handle, then push it again to fold it. 

You may find the foregrip a little bit uncomfortable as there are several lines where you grip. Otherwise it is very sturdy and doesn’t wobble while holding. Besides, the size of this foregrip is standard for the battlers to hold. 

The other part of this tool kit is the silencer barrel extension. It is not very long in size. Rather than I have to say that it is comparatively small. But its diameter is larger than the darts. So, you don’t have to worry much about the accuracy while firing.

  • Not only with the Regulator but also works with other Nerf toys.
  • Durable.
  • Worth in price.
  • No magnifier with the scope.
  • The foregrip is uncomfortable for some users.
For Modulus Blaster – #4 Pick
Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit

Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit

Key Features:

  • Comes to mod your Modulus blaster.
  • Distance scope to look through to your target.
  • Folding bipod to keep your gun steady.
  • Long barrel helps you to shoot precisely.

Do you want to upgrade your Modulus blaster for a long ranged mission? Then let’s have this Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit to make your game smoother with a super cool Nerf weapon. The long barrel, optic scope and bi-pod together can make a wondrous combination of powerful blasters. 

Though the distance optic is a very normal functioned optic even it has no magnifying option or finder laser view, the other two parts are immensely favorable to make your blaster stronger. 

There is a spiral tube in the barrel which rotates the darts to make its way of journey towards a better accuracy. You may use this barrel with the other Nerf blasters which are large in size.

The bi-pod which is included in this package will help you to keep your gun steady on the two-legs stand. Though it’s not that much strong to stand by itself, it will give support while firing. To be truthful, the upgrade kit may not seem to be that much strong to you.  When you notice the price range, I think the price may be worth it. And the parts can be interchanged with other Modulus guns. So if you try to find a long ranged gun for your mission, then this would be a great Nerf scope set.

  • The bi-pod leads you to keep the gun’s position steady.
  • Long barrels make distant ranged shooting.
  • Pretty good accuracy.
  • This is not that perfect for aiming.
  • Bi-pod is a little bit clumsy.
For Small Blaster – #5 Pick
TEANTECH Scope Sight

TEANTECH Scope Sight

Key Features:

  • Sturdy formation.
  • Is made with plastic of good quality.
  • The reticle helps to improve your aim accuracy.
  • Wearable.

This cool designed crossfire bow comes with 4 zombie strike elite darts. The darts fly over 75 FPS on average. But it also varies from 75 to 85 feet and sometimes farther. 

If I want to talk about the accuracy, it can get points for this. For close shot, its accuracy is quite impressive, but it’s not the greatest for the remote shooting.

Not only with the included elite green darts, you can also use the orange and blue one on the dart hole. Most of the time, the shot from the first chamber has a better velocity than the lower chambers. Its string is so strong that it would not break easily. 

There is just one tactical rail on the top of the bow blaster, no other tactical rail at the down part which may be helpful sometimes to attach flash light or other necessary parts. Out of all these issues, most of the users get its functions flexible and good.

  • Light-weighted and wearable.
  • Easy to attach and take off from the gun.
  • A bit larger, not for the small toy guns.

What to look for before buying Nerf Scope

A boy shooting with nerf sniper gun

If you want to improve your toy blaster with a custom Nerf scope, you have to know about the features which vary from one to another. Each sight does not have the same features and performance. 

So the performance of your game also will vary when you pick yours one. Like, some are made of magnifying glass sometimes. 

You will not have the same experience with a scope with magnifier and without magnifier.Then let’s have a glance through the buying guide which can make your effort easy while buying.

Plastic of your optic

When we use the equipment, we keep in mind that the piece should be long-lasting. As Nerf is a toy gun, most of the accessories are made with plastic. 

But when you want to opt for sight, you should be concerned about the plastic as the quality may differ from one to another. If you want your scope steady then a very light weighted scope may wobble if the plastic is not heavy enough. 

In the long run of the game, you will be dissatisfied if you will be wrong to choose the perfect one with a nice formation.

Size & weight

As scopes must have to be attached by one of your toy guns or blasters, the size of it really matters. Suppose, you will not feel relaxed if you attach a scope which is heavier and bigger than the gun. 

It may destroy the balance of your toy weapon while shooting. So, try to pick one which is not too lighter or too heavier than your gun.

Magnifying option

If you are a Nerf battler, you might notice that every scope does not come with the magnifying glass or optic. A sight with a magnifying feature can enhance the accuracy of your game. Because with this option you can zoom in or zoom out your optic towards the target. 

But all of the optics with zooming functions aren’t the same. One thing you have to assure is how many times the magnifier can zoom a view. So, pick the one which will give you at least the minimal performance at the playtime.

Day & Night vision

Do you want to play at day or night? If you want to jump on the field in both of the times, then you need the features which let you roll into the play whatever there is sunlight or a dark night. With some sights, there is a feature called night vision. 

You will be surprised to hear that for several scopes, the night vision option is better than the day vision one. Firstly, you have to be sure which one you need most. 

If you need both of the options, I want to say about one thing that I don’t hope both of the options will be equally nice as it’s a toy optic. With infrared rays, you can have better views in darkness. 

Anti-reflective mode

Another important fact you have to be warned about is the mode called anti-reflection. When you want to align your target with the red or blue dot, the anti-reflection function makes this happen. 

If the anti-reflective mode is powerful, then it helps your optic to extract the light and provide a clear vision. So, make sure about this if there is any anti-reflective function or not. Otherwise, you may be disturbed by the light while targeting.

Tactical rail

As a Nerf fighter, tactical rail is not a new thing for you. It is used to hold the extra equipment which you want to attach with your toy gun. You must attach your scope with a tactical rail. Sometimes scope doesn’t fit on the rail if it comes from different series. 

So it’s a must fact to be aware of. Besides, some Nerf guns and blasters don’t have tactical rails on the top. If there is no rail, you cannot mount your one with the toy gun.

Strong lock

Some scopes have ranges to lock it with the Nerf guns. It is very comfortable as it stays stable and doesn’t shake when you fire. But if there is no lock, you may face problems with this piece as it loosens up sometimes. 

You cannot run or move swiftly in this situation. That’s why it is very important to have a look if the lock is activated with the scope or not when buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you have gathered enough ideas about different kinds of sights , so why the delay? Let’s grab the one and jump into the game. Embellish the blaster with the best Nerf scope and power it to make your battle more joyful. 

This Nerf gun accessory is not that expensive and some of these come with packages, so you can have other accessories which you may require. 

Even Homemade Nerf scope is not that much tough to make. So, pick one for your toy gun and aim your target with more accuracy.

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