Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster Review in 2024

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If you are a Nerf fan, you may know that the very first gun of the Ultra series is Nerf Ultra One Blaster. This semi-automatic blaster with flywheel gun is one of the charming and advanced featured toy guns within the Nerf toy guns. 

This semi-automatic blaster gets popularity among gamers for its golden standard in Nerf games. An interesting thing about this one is it was launched on the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Nerf. 

So there is a golden logo everywhere when it came first to the market. You will be greatly satisfied with its super speed, farthest-reaching, and smart darts. Here you get all detail on this unique piece.

Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster Review: At a Glance

  • Easily assembled features. You can attach the parts without any labor.
  • Plenty of darts at a time in the dart drum.
  • Pin-point accuracy while shooting.
  • Farthest reaching ammo with nerf ultra foam.
  • The presence of a safety trigger in the gun is different than the other guns.
  • On-board dart storage which can hold 8 darts.
  • You can’t use any other darts except ultra darts.
  • No other battery than the 4C batteries can be used for this motorized blaster.
  • Sometimes ammo gets stuck if you cannot fix them properly. 


Our Score

You can’t use any other darts except Ultra darts with this giant cylinder blaster. But these darts are smart and flexible darts that you don’t need to put here other darts. 


Brand: Hasbro
Dimensions: 3.19 in x  24 in x 13 in
Weight: 4.09 Lbs
Recommended Age: Eight Years and up

This toy blaster can make your game fun by holding 33 darts including the 8 extra at a time.

The appearance is also pretty much cool. As a Nerf battler, this toy blaster may satisfy you at the battlefield with its high capacity dart drum.

Six Reasons why you should try Ultra One:

1. First Motorized blaster of Ultra series: This handsome blaster came as the first motorized Nerf blaster of this nerf series. So they tried to add here some advanced functions and technology. It was launched on the 1st of October, 2019.

2. Use of Aerofin technology: The first blaster of this series is cooked with gorgeous aerofin technology. This technological system reduces air resistance to make faster racquet head speed and increased spin. Fins are located inside the top of the frame as it makes players swing faster.

3. Fast to shoot: A player can shoot 75 feet per second with this ammo. Though it depends on how swift you are to trigger your arm. But those special ammo make the flight fast.

4. Unique designed darts: The uniqueness of the ammo makes it gorgeous. Though its weight is similar to the elite exactly. its look makes it more attractive. 

Besides, its power makes it fly farther than the others. If you notice the mega and Elite dart, you may understand the difference with this one.

5. Magazine with huge ammo: If you have a magazine with few darts, you have to reload your gun frequently. But for this Ultra gun, it’s a bit different. When you get 25 ammo in the main cylinder and 8 extra ammo in the storage, let me count! Isn’t it more than sufficient? I think it will be fun for you.

6. Farthest flying darts: 120 feet! It’s more than the ECS-10 Blaster. You can fly your ammo a minimum of 100 feet precisely. But that is amazing to hear that these game smashing ammo can fly over 120 feet (36 meters), which is its maximum range.

Using Aeroflin technology, innovative flight tip and ultra foam made it the farthest flying ever in all the Nerf blasters.

Nerf Ultra One Blaster: Key Features


Instra style tactical rails: There are two tactical rails on the top of the gun. You can use attachments there like optical scope or torchlight as you require. The attachments are not included. So you have to purchase those. There are no other rails in this blaster.

Instra style tactical rails: There are two tactical rails on the top of the gun. You can use attachments there like optical scope or torchlight as you require. The attachments are not included. So you have to purchase those. There are no other rails in this blaster.

Trigger safety: This is one of the toy guns which includes the option of trigger safety. There is a safety function with the trigger. It is helpful for the children to turn on and turn off the trigger.

Large foregrip: The front grip is large in shape which may help you to hold your gun. You have to hold it with your left hand or off-hand.

 There is another small grip near the trigger to make your position for firing. This grip is not very unique but it is comfortable to hold your toy blaster.

High Capacity dart-drum: You have 25 ammo at a time in the magazine drum! Isn’t it amazing? You don’t have to reload your toy weapon frequently which is time-consuming. The cylinder holds 25 ultra darts to fire. And this is the most amazing thing for the battlers. 

You can turn your game into the super level with this piece as you are already a nerf fighter.

Nerf Ultra darts: To most people Nerf with this kind of dart are best performing in the market. It can be said that these darts are much better in comparison with Elite one. 

Here Hasbro used an innovative flight tip, Aerofin technology and more features. With more accuracy and strength you can make your toy gun fantastic with this super dart. But you cannot use any other darts rather than this in your Nerf blaster.

Nerf Ultra One Batteries: There is a battery tray beneath the blaster. You have to use here 4C alkaline batteries. First unscrew the screws from the screw hole, open the cover. 

Then install 4C batteries there. After installing batteries, fix the cover with screws again. The thing is that batteries are not included with the gun. So have these 4C batteries before you purchase your toy blaster.

Ammo storage stock: Beyond 25 darts in the drum, you will have storage access at the back portion of this giant blaster. You can keep 4 ammo on each side of the storage rack. 

That means it holds extra! Save more time at wartime. And the stock is not shaky, it is very stable so that you will not be disturbed to aim your target. 

But the additional is not included with the package. You can purchase a refill pack if you want more darts.

Things to know in Nerf Ultra One Review

What is Nerf Ultra?

The first gun we have from the Ultra Series is Nerf One Ultra. It’s a semi-automatic electric flywheels motorized blaster with a large magazine drum.

How do I install Nerf One Ultra? :

When you unbox your pack, you will find the detached cylinder, 25 Ultra darts included in the package. Grab the batteries and put them in the battery compartment to charge your toy weapon. 

There are 3 pieces of detached drum magazine which you need to attach with your blaster first. Insert each of the drums by sliding these up properly. Now the most important part is to fix the ammo into the drum magazine. Hold the dart properly and insert one by one. 

There is a small line inside the ammo room. Notice it and push the ammo perfectly. Now your gun is fully installed to get your exciting mission.

How do you turn on the Ultra One?

After attaching all the equipment your gun is ready to turn on. Hold the gun, check the attachments. Add the extra if you need more than those 25 Ultra darts. 

Keep in mind that this accessory is not included. You may have the refill pack for the extra. Pull down the rev trigger first then after while push the firing trigger to outset your game. 

Your Nerf Ultra One motor may not work if you don’t rev your toy gun before starting to shoot. So be alert about this part. When your gun revives for moments you can start to get into your mission.

How far can the Ultra One shot?

According to its manufacturing feature, this dart can make their journey to 120 feet away. Though it’s not 120 feet always, you can make your shots reach 100 feet minimum. 

For making the farthest shooting, check if the attachments are installed perfectly with the gun. Then your flywheels will be ready to throw the ammo to the absolute distance and reach you to the next level of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you are picky about the dart standard, it may meet your needs and provide you with an exciting shoot. This blaster may fulfill your demand if you are seeking a smart motorized blaster, I think you can choose this one. 

However, there are other blasters in this series. After reading this review, you might be interested to start with the first one from them. 

Then grab your weapon and be ready for the battlefield with Nerf Ultra Strike. Let the darts fly over aloft with their pretty agility.

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