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Remember the first time playing with your walkie talkie set? Well, I still remember it precisely.

I know nowadays there are different types of toys in the market to play with but trust me, if you give your kid a walkie-talkie, he/ she will be the happiest kid.

With a walkie talkie set, kids can keep communication while playing cops, superheroes with others.

Even you can talk with your kid in 10-mile range if you are not near your house or playground.

Nerf walkie talkies review

You can go for high-quality walkie-talkies as they are convenient to use and kids love to play with them. After going through different reviews, I think the best one is the Nerf walkie talkies by sakar.

In this review, I am going to share all the features that they offer to the kids. Here you will get the specification, pros and cons. Then I will share my opinion on whether you will invest in this or not.

NERF Walkie Talkies Review – At a Glance

Forty years ago, Nerf started with a simple foam made orange ball; now it is ruling in the action toys world and a must-have toy brand not only for kids but also for adults.

NERF Walkie Talkies for Kids
NERF Walkie Talkies
Walkie Talkies
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If you are a die-hard Nerf fan, then this walkie talkie is a great addition to your collection.

The walkie talkie takes the signature colors orange and blue to complete the NERF series.

This walkie-talkie’s communication range is up to 1000ft that lets you connect with your teammate quickly and clearly in any mission.

You and your team can play in parks, woods, or camping with this powerful device.

You can take your Nerf battle to the next level by coordinating with your team with this Nerf Elite walkie talkie.

Key Features

Rough and Tough design

The color is inspired by the famous color signature Nerf classic blue and orange. The walkie talkie is not only well constructed but also roughly designed.

For the extended lasting features and performance, kids love to play with it especially in the secret missions.

You are thinking that kids will drop and break it while running or banging among themselves, well you don’t have to worry as the walkie talkie is designed to bear the fall.

Long-distance range

Are your kids planning to play cops and their playground is your and your neighbor’s house? Don’t worry; this Nerf 2-piece walkie talkie set helps to minimize the distance issue.

You can connect with your teammates in 1000 feet range without any problem. The audio will stay crystal clear in any situation in the game.

Touch button

Players and teammates can manage proper communication in any type of mission with the walkie talkie, be it a super cop or zombie apocalypse. You will be just amazed at how this communication tool works in the long-range.

The power button is on the set’s side which helps to power up the device fast at any moment.

You will find the Morse code switch button interesting. The button is on the front of the communication toy and it works as an SOS button for your kid’s mission.

While on a mission, you have to carry a Nerf gun so you may find it difficult to hold a walkie talkie. But it has an in-built clip that keeps the talking toy hooked in your pants or belt.

So you will not have to worry about losing it while playing.


These walkie talkie batteries are AAA and 9v. The batteries are durable, waterproof and dust resistant. The batteries last for a long time to let you play with this two-way radio in any gaming zone.

Pros & Cons

  • Kids friendly walkie talkie
  • Great quality
  • Easy to use
  • It Covers 3 to 4 blocks in a housing neighborhood.
  • Nice gift for kids and teens also.
  • Sometimes the static seems loud
  • A staticky toy

How do use a Nerf walkie talkie

The Nerf walkie-talkie works as a functional and fun companion for all Nerf guns. With a 1000 ft range and jagged design, this blue set promises powerful long-range calls like a phone.

Kids walkie talkies are cheaper and weaker than the real ones as they come with normal features and use AAA batteries.

The working process of the walkie-talkie toys are the same as the general one. Let me explain; the radio only picks up the broadcast voice or music from the station.

Walkie talkie kids with two-way radios work to send and receive voices. You have to use the same frequency at the same time. So it is safe and fun to use especially for kids.

Is walkie talkie safe for kids?

  • Be it a toy or a real device, the first thing you have to ensure is to keep your kid safe. While handling a two-way radio, you have to follow some steps to keep you and your kids safe:
  • Learn and practice the use of the walkie talkie set. Practice with your kids in a distance range, whether it works or not.
  • Let your kids handle the walkie talkie all by themself. Watch how he manages and if the tool is perfect for him.
  • Keep a common channel to keep the communication smooth and easy. Keep a privacy code to make the channel secured. This security helps to prevent disturbance in conversations from different sources.
  • Try to keep extra batteries because you never know when the walkie talkie will get dead.

What to consider before buying Nerf walkie talkie

Though we are talking about walkie talkie, the interesting part is adults also like this communication tool for the design and usage features. Your teenager can take it in the woods while exploring with his friends.

So what are the features that you have to look for while investing in this two way radio? Let us help you; here are some features that a walkie talkie must-have. Thus you will get the best one for your kids.

Number of walkie talkie you need:

First, you have to decide how many walkie talkies you need? If you two or more kids, then you have to decide to purchase more.

Size and weight:

It is especially made for children, so you have to think about getting them light, easy to use but strong in the feature.

Communication range:

Different walkie talkies come with different communication distances. You have to pick the one that will cover your distance requirement.

Action system:

As the walkie talkie is for kids so the operation system has to be simple but effective. You have to pick the walkie-talkie with a simple power button and hold – push communication button that can be operated without any problem.


The walkie-talkie’s design has to be sturdy as kids will play with the toy and definitely, it will fall. So the walkie talkie has to be rough and tough to bear the fall.


There are different power sources like USB source, AC adapter and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in the market. You have to pick the right one for your device. A walkie-talkie mainly uses AA or AAA batteries and they run from 3 to 9 hours.

Sound quality:

A walkie talkie has to promise a good sound quality to ensure strong communication. So, before picking the walkie-talkie, test the sound quality or else the communication tool will be a waste.


The walkie talkie sets come with different channels. These channels help to communicate in the same frequency to make the communication easy. The set with the private channel is considerable.


Maximum displays come in LED or LCD. The displays work well in low light conditions. Look for the one that comes with a built-in torch to help the kids to play in dark light.

Nerf walkie talkie- Unknown Fact

Do you know the Nerf walkie talkie is not directly produced by Hasbro? They are subcontracted and approved by Sarkar. But it has the color signature orange and blue of Nerf.

The first walkie-talkie was introduced in 2011 and it featured an N-Strike color scheme. Then in 2013, it was reproduced with the color scheme of the N-Strike Elite series.

Then it was re-released as an N-Strike Modulus product in 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions


A walkie-talkie for kids is an excellent addition in the toy section especially the Nerf walkie-talkie for kids.  Kids love it and they tend to play a secret mission with their friends and family while they are camping or on holiday.

NERF Walkie Talkies for Kids by Sakar helps give kids and adults a pleasant feeling while playing a Nerf battle among teams. I hope this review will help those who are looking for a safe and easy walkie talkie  to use for their little ones.

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