Nerf Rival Artemis Review | Is worth buying 2024?

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Love slam fire? Then pick Nerf Rival Artemis for fun. You can fire tons of rounds just by holding the trigger and pumping the handle in a short time. Trust me, Artemis is a beast Nerf gun compared to others. 

In this review, you will have clear information about the toy gun and how Hasbro is doing a great job by introducing the Nerf in a new way in every edition.

In this Nerf gun, you will have to use Nerf balls instead of darts. The gun is spring powered and comes with the capacity to load 30 rounds.

Let’s have a glance at other details below of the features, performance, and alternatives.

Nerf Rival Artemis Review: At a Glance

  • Just pump the handle, hold the trigger, and shoot those high capacity foam balls to defeat your opponents in a short time.
  • In performance, Rival Artemis is a beast if you compare it with other spring-powered toy guns.
  • Beside the trigger lock, there is a de-jamming option in the toy gun.
  • The fun thing about this toy is the abusive rapid-fire option. Everybody loves it, even me.
  • You will not need batteries to run this powerful and high-quality gun.
  • The pump action allows a single shot. But if you hold the trigger for long, then your shot will be faster than ever.
  • The Artemis fails to work in the long ranges like 25-30 feet as the accuracy is poor.
  • There are four firing barrels separated that rotate while firing. This design leads to unpredictable and shifting shot lines.


Our Score

Rival Artemis is the fifth blaster that has the ancient name. This toy gun is in the second position in ability, the capacity of the 3 parallel integrated magazines is 30 rounds.


Brand: Hasbro
Dimensions: 4.02 in x  20.51 in x 10 in
Weight: 3 Lbs
Recommended Age: 14 Years and up

Don’t get fooled by the size; it is easy to load and cock. The spring-powered mechanism makes the Rival Artemis easy to carry and fight for a long time.

Slam fire is the big reason that Nerf lovers love it.

Should I buy Nerf Rival Artemis | In-depth Review

Before going to an in-depth review, let’s talk about this toy gun’s naming.

The Artemis XVII is named after the Greek idol of the forests, archery, moon, forests, and the hills. This Rival gun is the first gun to be named after the female greek gods.

 The release date of Nerf Rival Artemis was in 2017, then came the Nemesis MXVII-10K and the Hera MXVII-1200 later.

What Is In The Box?

When you unbox the blaster box, you will get the Artemis gun; high impact 30 rounds, and user instruction. This blaster doesn’t require any batteries and magazines, so you can pick, load, and start shooting with this blaster right away.

Features And Design

While unboxing, you can see that this gun comes with a fully assembled design, and it is not the same as the other guns. This strong Nerf gun is recommended for kids from the age of 14+.

The spring-powered stumpy gun comes with a fat fill in the handle, and at the front, there is pump-action raising. 

The nose of the blaster comes with four barrels from where you can shoot powerful rival rounds. You can fire the foam balls one at a time and the barrel rotates to let you fire.

Though the toy gun comes with a funny fat look, you can pick the color you prefer as the blaster comes in red and blue. You and your best friend can choose two colors to play in different teams and exchange later if you get bored with your color.

The plastic tubes, known as the ammo feed tool, are not the same as other blasters. Most of the blasters come with an attachable magazine or rotating cylinder where you can load the darts or rounds. 

But this Rival blaster comes with an integrated and attached magazine that comes with the capacity holding 30 rounds.

The three white clear plastic tubes can get access by sliding the cover section. The springs get compressed by sliding back, and you can load the rounds in the loading chamber.

You can comfortably hold this big fat guy as the grip is comfortable and a good fit. If you are right handy, no worries like gun grip are ambidextrous and easy reach to the two-way safety catch.

When you prime the Artemis blaster, the barrels rotate and let you shoot the next ball. You will find an indicator to let you know whether the Nerf blaster cocked or not.  

If you want to go for an Artemis mod, you can try as the toy gun comes with a tactical rail on the gun top. You can use a red dot sight and flashlight on this blaster.

Loading and Firing Performance

In the Nerf Rival Artemis xvii-3000 blue, loading and firing the foam rounds are the most important part.

 All you have to do is slide back to the top sector, pop the rounds in the tubes – remember you can push in 10 rounds in each tube, and you can load 30 rounds in the ammo magazine.

The tubes let the rounds go in easy, but you can stay relaxed once the rounds are in, as the balls never go out until you shoot them out. So, while loading, just put in the balls without any force.

After finishing loading the rounds, pull back and forward the priming handle and shoot. The chunky handle is smooth to use while shooting.

The four barrels in the front rotate every priming and the spring in the magazine pushes the foam balls forward once the place is emptied. 

The tube rotating starts from the right, then the center, and lastly, the left one. When the tubes get empty, you may face the dry fire. To avoid this, you can fill two rounds in each tube.

If you have just switched to firing rounds from the blaster, dude, you will enjoy this slam fire. Hold the trigger, pump the priming handle, and shoot the foam balls at high speed.

These shoots are great in a small space because it will take minutes to defeat your opponent with bounces and foam balls’ speed.

The firing range is way better than any other gun. You don’t need to aim your target from long distances as it will reach the target just like an arrow shot from the longbow.

And you will not ever face the jam with this blaster, which is for the foam balls. These balls are durable and spongy.

In the trigger, there is a safety button that prevents unintentional firing. Once you prime the Nerf Rival, the priming indicator goes on.

If you are in the field with two other Nerf guns, then you can hang this blaster as it comes with two sling supports.

Best Alternatives Of Nerf Rival Artemis

In this section, I will talk about the alternatives of the Rival Artemis xvii-3000 blaster. Go through the reviews and make a decision about which one to pick.

Rival Phantom Corps Hades
NERF Rival Hera Mxvii 1200
NERF Rival Apollo XV-700
Product Title
Product Title
Rival Phantom Corps Hades
NERF Rival Hera Mxvii 1200
NERF Rival Apollo XV-700
3 Lbs
2 Lbs
2.09 Lbs
No required
6 C
14-99 Years
14-99 Years
14-99 Years

1. Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 is a spring-powered pump-action slam fire that enables gun. This toy gun has the capacity to load 60 rounds in the built-in magazine.

In the front, there is a sling attachment, and the muzzle has four barrels. The barrels rotate while shooting.

You can push and pull back the priming handle before shooting the rounds. The tactical rails are two types. One is attached to the top, and the other one is connected to the slider. 

By pushing the slider back, you can release the tension in the rounds.

There are no iron sights in this blaster. You have to pull the slider in the back to get access to the ammo door to load the rounds in the magazines. 

The built-in magazine comes with 320 round capacity tubes. You have to load rounds in each tube independently.

There is an unjamming button. When you face jam, then use the button.

When you prime the gun once, you have to wait for the next priming after pulling the trigger. There is a safety button that prevents accidental shootings. The trigger comes with a slam fire that ensures powerful performance in battle.

The grip is comfortable to hold, and the priming indicator tells you to shoot when you are ready.

Key features:

  • A blaster with high capacity to load 60 rounds.
  • Integrated magazine with easy load feature.
  • The mechanism is spring action, tactical rail, and trigger lock.
  • Able to fire 1 round at 100 feet in one second.

2. NERF Rival Hera Mxvii 1200 White Combat Blaster

Nerf Rival Hera Mxvii 1200 White Combat blaster is a Phantom Corps series. The phantom series comes in white only. This toy gun comes with a battery-powered feature along with a flywheel operated magazine. 

You will find similarity between the Zeus editions, but the Hera is powerful in the configuration. The magazine is compatible with a Rival rechargeable battery pack.

With the gun, you will get a 12 round magazine with Rival rounds. You will get a red and blue flag indicator that can be attached to the blaster to play in teams.

The front part is a Rival blaster with a chunky design.  On the top, there is a front iron sight and tactical rail with an integrated access door.

You have to use a 6 C style battery in the battery pack; this makes the blaster use light than the other guns that use D style batteries. You can use a rechargeable battery in this blaster.

The grip of this Nerf blaster is the largest one. Right under the grip, the magazine is attached. You can pull out the magazine, just clicking the magazine catch.

The blaster is a single semi-auto fire, and the trigger allows a crisp feeling while firing.

Key features

  • You can fire Elite darts and Elite blaster with this blaster.
  • Has a tactical rail and trigger lock feature.
  • The magazine is comfortable to load.
  • Allows fire rounds 100 feet in second.
  • Motor-powered blasting.

3. NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 

Target with the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 and enjoy the intensity of accuracy in battling. You have to use foam rounds instead of darts in this gun.

In the front, the orange muzzle comes in a neat design. There is a tactical rail on the top to attach Nerf accessories.

The priming handle is on the top. You have to pull back and push the handle to shoot. The trigger is smooth to shoot, and there is a trigger lock button.

The grip is long and comfortable to hold. At the bottom of the grip, you can install the magazine that comes with the capacity of 7 rounds.

There is a priming indicator on the back of the gun that tells you to shoot when the toy gun is ready.

Key features:

  • The gun is spring action and has the capacity of 7 powerful rounds.
  • Easy to load the magazine.
  • To play in a battle, you can choose blue or red blaster.
  • There are a tactical rail and trigger lock.


Final Thought

This Nerf rival Artemis review will help you own the all-rounder blaster from the Nerf rival series. Careful about giving this Nerf gun to kids as it is recommended for 14+ age. 

As it is spring powered, so you will not have to think about getting a new battery after every play.

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