Nerf Rival Kronos Review | Is it worth buying in 2024?

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Does the name “Kronos” seem familiar? If you are a Greek mythology lover, then yes, you’ve guessed perfectly. Kronos is named after the great Titan king Cronus.

The king was known for power and destructive nature. According to this Mythology, Manufacture Design Nerf Rival Kronos is lightweight and powerful enough to get a great nerf war.

With Nerf rival Kronos XVIII-500 blaster, you can go for a team battle like team Phantom corps, team Red and team Blue. You will find the color blasters separately. Select your preferred color, and blast in the battle.

Nerf Rival Kronos Review: At a Glance

  • Impressive Colorful Design, Comes with three variations
  • Your target with rival Kronos will come accurate
  • You will not take time to load rounds, because it is fast and easy to load
  • The priming design is smooth, but it will be hard for the kids under 10 to handle the blaster
  • Compact design, Best for Reliability
  • Best Value for money
  • Sometimes the spring gets hard to pull and lock
  • You have to insert the rounds properly, or else you may face the jammed issue


Our Score

To dominate your Nerf battle, you have to own the rival Kronos XVIII- 500 for sure. It has an integrated magazine that comes with a curved design.


Brand: Hasbro
Dimensions: 2.52 x 12.99 x 7.99 in
Weight: 1.32 Lbs
Recommended Age: 14 Years and up

Though I believe, Nerf is for all, but the rival series is rated as 14+. It is up to the parents’ choice to let the kids know this one or the traditional Nerf guns.

This gun has the same design as a pistol. So for a starter, this design is user friendly. This gun allows you to hit five targets in a row.

Is The Nerf Kronos Good- What Do You Think?

You will find two variations in the Kronos rival series – one is the Deadpool, and the other one is outdoor blaster. But there is no significant difference between the two variants.

The rival series first released as the nerf rival Kronos Deadpool (red and blue) in 2017 and nerf rival Kronos outdoor blaster in 2018. These guns come with high impact features and allow a five-round shoot in a war.

This is one of the best rival gun which lets you have a battle in a team and it is fun to fight among the teams. To make the team easy to distribute, you will get blue and red flags.

The Kronos XVIII-500 blaster comes with five high control compact rounds with spring action machinery, tactical rail, and trigger padlock. You can fire per second at 90 feet.

The trigger lock is designed to prevent accidental fires. The blaster will tell you to fight with the ready indicator.

The tactical rail allows you to use any type of Nerf accessories and gear.

So you can tell the Cronus name itself fits with this small and cheap powerful Rival blaster yet.

Nerf Rival Kronos – Key Features

Before picking this blaster, you have to know about the features to help you in your picking process. Let’s look at the main features of this wonderful blaster:

Spring Action And Breech Load

This blaster can load five high control round balls. You have to open the breech to load the balls, or you can go for this toy weapon speedloader that helps to load the balls fast. 

After loading prime, the breech with the elevating mechanism comes with spring action. When the blaster is geared up, the ready indicator will indicate you to shoot. You can fire in speed at 90 feet in a second.

Flexible To Use

The compact size of the blaster lets the player move fast and shoot with focus. The safe trigger lock will stop the accidental fire while running at the battle time. 

With the tactical rail, you can attach different rival gear to customize the toy weapon to boost your game tactics.

Team Flags

While unboxing the blaster, you will get blue and red flags for team play. Players can use the different colored  flags per team they play with. You can attach the flag in your gun or on your arm. 

Intense Experience

This Kronos blaster gives a lifetime intense experience among the players. With skill and spring action gun, the Nerf battle gives you an enjoyable time cherished in your memory for long years.

Range and Precision

The range of this blaster is more rigid than other Nerf guns range. But to be honest, the extra 15 fps doesn’t make any difference while shooting. Aiming with this gun is accurate. But you have to prime the gun by lowering the aim.


NERF Rival Kronos Xviii

You can load five rounds in this gun through the door. To open the door, you have to pull back the fill in the handle and load the rounds in it. You can do the load with a speed loader also.

After loading the rounds, close, slide, and shoot. The priming action is smooth, light, and slick to use for shooting.

The grip in the slide back makes it easy to hold and push after loading rounds. The ready indicator alerts you when your gun is unloaded or overloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This Nerf Rival Kronos review has represented the fine blasters that are simple yet, powerful to blast only by priming, loading, and shooting. The look of this series blaster is unique and top-notch. 

If you compare the Kronos Deadpool and the Phantom Corps, then it differs in price only. For kids, use eye protection as the blaster shoots hard. If you have kids, enjoy the battle as a team with tagging red and blue flags in the Kronos blaster.

However, there are other blasters in this series. After reading this Nerf Ultra One review, you might be interested to start with the first one from them. Then grab your weapon and be ready for the battlefield. Let the darts fly over aloft with its pretty agility.

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