Nerf N-strike Modulus ECS-10 blaster Review in 2024

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Who doesn’t want to play a nerf war with an exclusive Nerf gun? If you are a Nerf lover, Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is a good pick for you. You will be amazed to see the gorgeous packaging and get thrilled on the battlefield with this piece.

The most attractive thing about this blaster is its different and cool combinations that you can build for any kind of battle you want to crave for. So, here you get the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 blaster review for this motorized blaster.

Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Review: At a Glance

  • You can make a faster shoot with the flywheel, which makes it special from others.
  • The range is appreciating. Isn’t it worth to run your darts to 90 feet (27 meters)?
  • You can make your blaster with 30 combinations almost for all the battles you want to join.
  • It is easy to modify your gun by yourself.
  • Storage stock may help you to store an extra magazine at wartime.
  • You can fix your aim with the scope which is included with the gun. Moreover, the extensive rail barrels help you to control muzzle velocity.
  • Some of them have trouble with jamming while shooting. It happens sometimes when you pull the trigger before revving up.
  • Storage stock is a great thing in this nerf but it should be stable rather than a little bit shaky for the light plastic holder


Our Score

Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is Modifying with 30 different combinations is the attractive part of the ECS-10 blaster. Comparatively, with the other Nerf toy guns, this one is cool and effective for any kind of Nerf battle. 


Brand: Hasbro
Dimensions: 3.27 in x 23.39 in x 11 in
Weight: 3.65 Lbs
Recommended Age: Eight Years and up

If you don’t need many darts at a time, it will help you to reach your target in the Nerf war. Aiming with the included targeting scope is also fun. As an affordable toy gun, it is worth its price.

Is Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 worth Value for Money?

As a nerf lover you definitely cherish to have a smart collection of guns. ECS-10 will be a perfect addition to your collection. Not only you can make 30 different patterns to use, but you can also modify as well.

Even you can build 1000 combinations if you purchase extra parts which are not included. This blaster will let you reach you to the great heights in your activity. 

Firing speed on the warfare mostly depends on the fighter as the blaster is semi-automated. But you never get disappointed even with a non-modified blaster.

  • Long ranged launching blaster:  90 feet in a strike! Isn’t it a good range to bang your fire wheels? This modulus blaster is lovable to the nerf fighters because of its high range shoot. You can fly the darts average 75 feet per second.
  • Cool designed blaster: The included parts of this gun look pretty cool that makes you confident at the battlefield.
  • Flexible attachments: You can fix all the attachments very easily at a glance. Following the instruction manual is enough for you to attach all of the equipment. There are rail slides to fix the pieces with the gun.
  • 30+ unique combinations: You can build your own blaster with the pieces of equipment for almost any kind of battle. There are more than 30 combinations which you can make with the included parts. Besides, you may modify your blaster in 1000 ways with the other parts.
  • Affordable play gun: To consider as one of the best nerf gun, the price is reasonable for the users. You can make a gift for someone on a birthday, Christmas day and other occasions.

Nerf Modulus ECS 10 Features

This piece is a combination of some of the upgraded features to make you comfortable and make your shoot more powerful.

Duel rail barrel: When you will unbox the package you will find a barrel extension which is a duel rail barrel. For precise targeting fix the barrel extension and lengthen your barrel. It increases your optimal muzzle velocity.

Banana clip magazine with darts: The magazine is designed with a banana-shaped clip that can hold 10 bullets. But it commonly fails if you try to reload the clip with 9 or 10 bullets. It is smooth if you load up to 8 darts there.


Storage Stock: This part is a smart addition in this package where you can hold the extra magazine. It is a little bit clumsy though, you can fix it by modifying the stock. Besides, you can remove it to make your move stable.

Battery tray: To power up, you need 4 “AA” alkaline batteries. You need to put the batteries first otherwise your blaster is not ready to fire. Get the batteries as these are not included in this package.

Curved drop grip: At the front of your blaster there is a curved tactical drop grip handle which is comfortable to hold. It is designed with a look which is a little bit different than the Retaliator foregrip. You can fix it with a flexible rail slide.

Removable targeting scope: If you can watch your target through a scope, it will be easier to fix your aim. A targeting scope is included in this package which is also removable. 

You have to fix it with the elevated rail, lies on the top of the gun There is no magnifying optics like other nerf toys. Even any glass or plastic is attached to see but inside it, you’ll have a very pretty look.

Issues to be concerned: If you know your friend well, it may always save you from any kind of uncertainty.

You should remind several issues and check it before you hit a war. Your gun can be useless if these things happen in the battleground.

  • If your battery gets dead. Keeping extra batteries can save you from being stopped.
  • Generally, it cannot lift the darts if you load the magazine with a maximum range. It is moderate to fill the banana clip with 8 darts at a time.
  • Your gun can be jammed. Always hold the button for reviving first, then pull the trigger.

The core facts you should know about Modulus ECS-10:

How you can use this blaster

This blaster has more than 30 combinations and quite simple to use. First of all, put the batteries to feed your gun. The magazine is very flexible to fix and remove. 

This banana clip magazine can hold 10 darts. It is better to put not more than 8. You can fix the targeting scope and remove it if you don’t need. If you want to clear the jam, just open the access door of the upper grip and free it with your finger. 

The storage stock will help you to keep an extra magazine. There is a button under the trigger. Push and hold the button lying under the trigger. 

Hold it for a moment to revving and then start to shoot with the trigger. You will have instructions too with the packaging. So it will be fun to use.

How the Modulus works

This blaster is well known to everyone for its semi-automatic scheme. It leads you to chase more control on your fire gun in case of accuracy. And the fun fact is it depends on how swiftly you press off your worthy ammo.

How to fix Nerf Modulus ECS-10

The types of equipment are super easy to fix. There are rail slides to attach each of the parts. Just follow the manual and put each piece in the right place. You can get off the parts anytime you want.

How to change the battery for ECS-10 Blaster

To get to the battery tray you need to unscrew the grey part on the bottom of the gun. You have to pull a piece of a single screw with the screwdriver. Then the tray will pop up and you get the battery chamber. Just put the 4 “AA” batteries. 

Put the cover back and fix the screws again after installing the batteries. Now your weapon is charged to use.

How fast N-strike modulus ECS-10 blaster is

If you are a nerf lover, then it seems speedy to you. It fires smoothly. The darts will fly as fast as you can pull the trigger. Though the maximum range is 90 feet in one shoot. Per second it can fly minimum 70-80 feet.

How do you make the modulus more powerful?

ECS-10 Blaster is a cool designed blaster except for the nonrigid stock. You can modify the stock by removing thin plastic and exchanging with two small pieces of CPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) staff. And if you modify your toy, open the cover by unscrewing all the screw, then arrange it according to your need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


All in all Nerf ECS-10 Blaster is the nice one to pick if you want a fabulous toy blaster. As many of the gamers love the semi-automatic version , it can be undoubtedly said that this gorgeous blaster is a great creation of Hasbro.

It is recommended as a better form of the gun than Stryfe to many of the users. So you can try with yours one if you also believe It’s Nerf or Nothin’! Hope that you will not be disappointed.

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