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The direct answer is “No”. It is not possible to kill someone with a Nerf gun. Even it can’t cause any harm though there are some conditional matters.

The Nerf blaster are highly engineered and especially for kids, light in weight, foam darts for ammunition and the inner parts of these blasters aren’t strongly made that can’t generate terrifying force to lethally accelerate the foam darts.

Consequently, the velocity of the dart is so endurable. The less the velocity, the less the momentum. The momentum has a direct relation with kinetic energy.

Less momentum ensures less kinetic energy. Another one thing, maximum companies sell Nerf guns after going through rigorous reviews and various testing. So generally, the Nerf guns are safe.

But the blaster can lead to serious eye injuries, specifically if the darts are very durable and hit from 3 to 8 meters. It also causes ocular trauma, pain, blurred vision and internal bleeding around the eye.

So, the doctors recommend wearing protective eye goggles while playing with toy blaster because there are many cases of ophthalmic injuries from the foam dart around the world.

Nerf gun after modifications:

Some peoples modify their Nerf guns to make them shoot harder, faster and further distance by removing inner parts of the blaster and replacing it with stronger and more durable parts.

Unfortunately, it makes the blaster very hazardous, as the velocity of the dart is increased. They also modify the dart by replacing the tip of foam darts with thumbtacks and blades.

If these modified guns are shot in the face or body, it will be very risky and injurious. Fortuitously, there is no record of killing someone with a modified Nerf gun. But modified blaster is injurious.

Some precautions to avoid injuries:

  • Don’t modify the toy gun and the dart.
  • Use protective eye goggles.
  • Shoot from a safe distance.
  • Avoid cheaper and non-branded Nerf guns.

Final Thought:

Almost every game brings out joy and pleasure but it’s necessary to know properly about the game. Some games can be injurious, some are not. Even some games can be lethal.

Taking precautions before gaming can reduce risk. Luckily, Nerf war is a safe game, taking precautions can make it safer from unexpected ophthalmic injuries.

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