The 10 Best Nerf Guns Under $20 in 2024 [Buying Guide]

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When you are a huge fan of something, you have to count the money before you wish to buy a new one for your collection. Nerf lovers are not different. Questions may arise in your mind, which are the best Nerf guns under 20 dollars?

Which one should I pick? Then this article is for you to decide what is the best one for you that may save your bucks. Here are some foam dart blasters which you can get at an affordable price.

What is the Best Nerf Guns Under $20?

Features of Nerfs are different from one to another. So, while it is time to pick your blaster, this guideline may help you to select the best one depending on the best criteria. Then read through this part to be more precise while buying.

Best Overall: NERF Rival Kronos Xviii-500

Size, features, accuracy and price, everything seems standard as a 20-dollar Nerf gun.

Best for Dart Capacity: Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500

Compared to the other budget-friendly Nerf blasters, Roundhouse holds more ammo to shoot with full energy.

Best for Primer: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Priming with the hammer shot action is quite fun as you don’t have to use both hands. Just fire and prime with a single hand and this action make easy priming.

Best for Farthest Flying: NERF Ultra Five Blaster

The farthest flying Ultra dart comes with an Ultra Five blaster. If you want great velocity, then it is the best pick.

Best for Modification: Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Purchasing a blaster at a cheap price and increasing its velocity near to 150 FPS is great. Strongarm is the best one that you can modify and have fun with.

Best for Grip: Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Having a comfortable grip, Disruptor is the best for the users who prioritize the comfortability of grip.

Best for Tactical Rails: NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6

3 tactical rails in one blaster! So, it is full of tactics. If you are a tactics lover, then it is a great pick for you.

Best for Dart Drum: Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury

The flipped dual drums help you to easy loading and the capacity is 12 darts. By flipping the dart drum, you can replace them from up to down.

Best for Barrel Extension: NERF Fortnite Sp-L Elite

For extending barrel, you will have a barrel extension point here which you don’t have in all the blasters.

Best for Cosplay: NERF Fortnite HC-E Mega

This single dart blaster is best for a cosplay outfit. Front-loading dart gun is one of the cool looking Nerf guns.

Top 10 Nerf Guns Under 20 Dollars Reviews

Best Overall : Nerf Rival Kronos xviii-500

Key Features:

  • Last for its sturdy formation
  • Can make quite accurate shots 
  • Comfortable grip to hold your blaster
  • Carriable in a holster
  • Size is quite standard


Dimension2.52 in x 12.99 in x 7.99 in
Weight1.32 Pounds
Recommended Age14 years and Up
Battery Required?No

I would like to prefer this one as the best on this list for the dart capacity and fantastic firing. Like the other pieces of the Rival series, this is also named by a powerful God, the father of all Gods, Kronos (Cronus). He is the God of time.

This Kronos XVIII was launched in 2018 and still is one of the best ones from Rival. It is not like other giant-sized blasters. The fun fact is this is worked like a pistol. So, you can also use it as a sidearm if you need it and use a Kronos holster.

At first, you have to open the breech to load your gun with 5 strong rounds. Then prime it with spring-action cocking mechanism which is especially used in this blaster. Target your aim and shoot!

As a starter blaster, you may choose Kronos. The velocity is outstanding. It is 90 meters per second and accuracy is also compatible.

This black & white blaster is not only good looking but also a piece with high performance. It is best for indoor plays and for target shooting.

Another praising part of this piece is that it is almost jamming free. There is rarely found any complaints to be getting jammed in the middle of firing. Isn’t it a relief?

Two team flags come with this package. They are red and blue. Besides, this Kronos features the Phantom Corps deco. So, you may team up in 3 different teams such as- team red, team blue, and Phantom Corps.

It is really fun to play with the Kronos but try to cover your face and eyes because it may hurt if there will be a close shot.

  • Last for its sturdy formation
  • Can make quite accurate shots 
  • Comfortable grip to hold your blaster
  • Carriable in a holster
  • Size is quite standard
  • A little bit tough to prime for the youngers as it is made for the children of 14+
  • Fewer rounds than the other Rivals

Best for Dart Capacity: Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500

Key Features:

  • Transparent rotating chamber to see the rounds from outside
  • 15 round competency integrated magazine for fast firing
  • Includes 15 Nerf Rival balls
  • A trigger lock is given for avoiding uncertain firing
  • 2 tactical rails to attach equipment
  • 90 FPS velocity


Dimension4.02 in x 14.02 in x 9.37 in
Weight2.55 Pounds
Recommended Age14 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

It seems like an oversized revolver. The red-black with orange-colored Roundhouse XX-1500 holds a round chamber where 15 foam balls can be loaded at a time.

There are 5 integrated chambers and each of the chambers carries 3 rounds. When you prime with the trigger one round is ready to travel through the muzzle while another one is reloaded into the chamber.

The chamber is transparent so while you are out of rounds, you can easily get notified by looking at your round sized mag.

There is one thing that seems a little bit time-consuming. It’s about reloading. As you have to load the 5 chambers individually with 3 balls in each, it takes more time to fill up the mag frequently.

Roundhouse XX-1500 is almost similar to Kronos in its features. But it holds 15 rounds whereas Kronos holds only 5. Because of having more rounds in the magazine, the size is increased a bit in the case of Roundhouse.

You get a clear foam ball chamber by which you can count how many rounds are left and get to know when you have to reload.

It is a matter of relief that you don’t need any batteries to power your Nerf pistol. It is a little bit larger than the Kronos but it doesn’t hamper your performance. Mainly the round sized magazine takes a huge place that’s why it seems larger.

A spring primer works for priming the Rival Roundhouse. There is also a prime indicator. So, you can get a signal while the pistol is ready to shoot.

But there is one thing you have to conscious about. Sometimes you may face trouble while priming. The cylinder may lock up while pushing

the primer handle back forward. If you have this kind of issue, then press the reprime button and fix the problem.

If your target is to buy 20-dollar Nerf guns, then it will be a nice pick. I would recommend it as one of the Top Nerf guns under $20.

  • Size and design are pretty cool
  • Can be used as a sidearm too
  • The clear chamber helps you to count the number of rounds that are left
  • Can avoid accidental issues by the trigger lock
  • Accuracy in targeting
  • Time-consuming to load balls
  • Too big for a sidearm

Best for Primer: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Key Features:

  • Priming by hammer shot
  • Comes with 5 Nerf official Zombie Strike Elite darts
  • Front rotating dart drum
  • Creates a new look with printed design
  • Reskin of the original Hammershot


Dimension2.64 in x 12.76 in x 7.99 in
Weight1.19 Pounds
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

To strike with hammer shot blasting, Zombie Strike Hammershot comes with a different look of painted design. Identically, it is almost similar to the original Hammershot.

Here you don’t get any extra barrel access, only a revolving cylinder holds 5 rounds. It doesn’t pop up like the Strongarm, you can just rotate the cylinder and reload your darts.

The most amazing thing about this blaster is its priming handle. It just lies at the back edge of your toy blaster. If you have a large hand, you can prime it with the same hand which you use for firing.

But for kids, they need both hands to prime and shoot. Just pull the priming trigger with your thumb and then shoot. So, in a Nerf war, you can use a double Hammershot which can be held with both hands.

If you don’t need slam fire then it would be a perfect one and of the best Nerf guns under 20. Both the trigger and grip are pretty much comfortable and identical to the original one. To me, the grip handle is in a size that looks cool and cozy to hold.

An in strike tactical rail is there on the top of the blaster. So, you may put optics or something you want to attach there. At the bottom of the gun, you will find a sling point which you may use if you need it.

Chronographically the repainted hammershot gets the velocity of 65 feet per second which is exactly resembled the original Hammershot.

The hammershot action is the coolest part of this Nerf Zombie Strike pistol. If you want a cheap and marvelous dart blasting Nerf gun, then pick it without any doubt.

  • Priming by hammer shot is pretty easy
  • Easy loading dart cylinder
  • Attractive looking
  • Tactical attachments can be placed
  • The amount of dart is not sufficient
  • No slam firing option

Best for Farthest Flying: NERF Ultra Five Blaster

Key Features:

  • Spring powered pistol
  • Internal dart loading magazine
  • Ultra dart features aerofin technology and innovative flight tip
  • Flies up to 120 feet (36 meters)
  • Comes with 4 Nerf Ultra darts
  • Only compatible with Ultra darts


Dimension2.63 in x 14 in x 9.75 in
Weight1.58 Pounds
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

As this is the Ultra blaster, there is no in strike barrel extension. It fires with the frontal nozzle.

Internal mag can hold 4 darts. Open the mag chamber by pulling the priming slide. Then put the darts one by one in the chamber. You may find it a little bit tight while pushing the darts. But it doesn’t cause any jamming. So, be easy with it.

Though there is an in strike tactical rail, it seems difficult to you to prime with the priming slide if you attach an optic or anything else on the rail. Because the tactical rail lies on the slide.

The priming handle is pretty smooth that you don’t find complexities while running a game with it. On the left side, there is an unjamming button though jam rarely occurs.

You may find the grip uncomfortable if you are not habituated with the grip of other Ultra blasters. Because it is a little bit weird for the yellow-colored brace for which you cannot move your fingers freely.

The trigger is not comfortable as well for some users. You may find the trigger comparatively sharp.

If you want to experience the farthest flying dart shooting, then you can choose it without any hesitation. According to the chronograph, the velocity is 99 feet per second which is pretty cool.

Compared to the other Ultra guns like Ultra 1, Ultra 2, Ultra 3 & Ultra 4, it can be said that the shooting speed you get with this pistol is the highest.

Overall, this Ultra 5 is one of the super Nerf weapons which you may consider as a 20$ Nerf gun for its accuracy, muzzle velocity, and appearance.

  • Farthest flying Nerf dart
  • Accuracy & speed are great
  • Smooth priming slide
  • Jamming is rarely found while playing
  • Can make a great shooting speed
  • No slam firing option
  • The firing trigger is a little bit sharp 

Best for Modification: Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Key Features:

  • Spring-powered blaster
  • Includes 6 Nerf Elite darts
  • Fires 6 darts in a row
  • Slam firing mechanism
  • Flip open rotating dart barrel



Dimension7.01 in x 12.76 in x 2.76 in
Weight1 Pound
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

Strongarm is the blaster of the N- Strike Elite series. In some context, it is similar to the Hammershot. But it is a little bit larger and holds more ammo than the Hammershot.

The toy gun is designed according to the Elite design with a combination of blue and white colors. On the top of the gun, there is a priming slide which you have to pull for priming.

For easy loading rounds, you will get a dart drum which has an option to flip. So, you don’t have to rotate it. Just flip the cylinder barrel by shaking it and reload your gun with more Elite rounds.

The grip is standard. It is not extraordinary but comfortable to hold. Besides, the trigger hole is also perfect.

As a strong sidearm, you can choose this blaster. Though the velocity is 70 feet per second on average, you will gain about 145 FPS by modifying. Can’t you believe it? Then try with the N- Strike Elite mod accessories.

If you want to slam fire then go with this one. The dart drum will become empty within two seconds. I must say that it is one of the Nerf guns under 20 which is budget free as well as smart Nerf for Nerf gun battle.

  • Flip rotating dart drum
  • Smart and cool looking blaster
  • Strong Elite darts come to shot accurately
  • Slam firing mechanism
  • A little bit larger

Best for Grip: Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Key Features:

  • Comes with a spring-powered function
  • 6 dart rotating drum
  • Comes with a slam firing option
  • Velocity is 70 FPS
  • Includes 6 Elite darts



Dimension2.99 in x 7.24 in x 14.13 in
Weight1 Pound
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

Disruptor is mainly the new version of Strongarm. So, the features are almost similar as well as their look is.

This Disruptor comes with a color combination of blue, white and orange which looks decent. If you love light colors then it may attract you with its color feature.

This fancy blaster holds 6 darts in a cylinder. Unlike the Strongarm, the cylinder doesn’t flip. It just rotates. But it is an easy loading cylinder that you just have to rotate and load.

As a spring power blaster, you need to prime your toy blaster. Here you will get a white-colored priming slide. Just pull the slide and fire whether it is a single or burst fire.

Before firing you have the option to make sure if your blaster is primed or not by turning the priming trigger. If your toy gun is primed then an orange blinker blinks.

N- Strike Disruptor comes with 6 Elite darts. Darts are hard enough and the blaster even shoots fast that you may get hurt if you are hit by your face or eyes. For avoiding accidental hits, kids or anyone should use glasses and a face mask.

The grip is pretty much comfortable. It is adjustable with your hand whether you have a large or small hand.

There is a tactical rail on the top of the gun where you can attach things as you need.

Though the flying speed Hasbro mentioned is 90 FPS, chronographically it is about 72 FPS. The accuracy is great.

This cool looking Nerf blaster is standard in size and weight. So, you can keep it in a bin or even in a drawer.

However, in spite of being a non-auto blaster, this is one of the best Nerf guns under 20.

  • Users hardly face any jam with this blaster
  • Slam fire with a single fire
  • Carriable for low weight
  • You can manage this one very simply.
  • Adjustable grip for the users from all kind of age groups
  • The amount of the dart is not enough

Best for Tactical Rails: NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6

Key Features:

  • Fires 6 darts in a row
  • Includes 3 tactical rails
  • Access to storage stock and barrel attachment points
  • Includes 12 official Nerf darts
  • Slam firing option
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters)


Dimension2.63 in x 14.25 in x 9.5 in
Weight1.1 Pounds
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

Nerf Elite is one of the most favorite series to some Nerf lovers. 

There is a barrel extension access in front of the gun and also a storage stock at the back of it. But you have to purchase both of them if you need them because they are not included with this blaster.

Right after the barrel attachment point. And there are two other tactical rails below the blaster. So, it is full of tactics! You will get an in strike tactical rail where you can attach the accessories as you require.

The dart cylinder holds 6 darts but it doesn’t rotate. On each side, there are 3 darts. But the cool thing is that it includes 12 Elite darts which you may use further.

The priming handle is pretty smooth and standard in size. It is neither too big nor too small. As a spring power blaster, it just moves nicely.

You will have slam fire. So, when you need, just push and hold the trigger, then prime and shoot continuously.

The velocity is moderate as chronographically it is found 76 feet per second on average.

If I want to make a comparison with the Spector, I have to say that the Commander is pretty much great functionally, in size and in overall performances.

  • Extra 12 darts are included
  • You can attach an extra barrel
  • having fun with burst fire
  • 3 tactical rails help you to attach several accessories
  • Worth in price
  • A little bit larger in size

Best for Dart Drum: Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury

Key Features:

  • 12 darts fire in a single row
  • Double flipping dart drums
  • Each drum holds 6 darts
  • Slam firing with great agility
  • Having a tactical rail to mod your blaster with required attachments



Dimension2.99 in x 15 in x 10.98 in
Weight1.65 Pounds
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

To attack the zombie, Zombie strike Flipfury brings 12 greening wheat darts in 2 rotating barrels. These cylinder barrels hold 6 darts in each. The top one is operational and it is clicking while loading. But the lower one just rotates easily.

So, if you are in hurry, load the lower one first to save your minutes. The interesting thing is that you can replace the dart drum by clicking the trigger which lies beneath the firing trigger.

And the position of this trigger is so good that it doesn’t make any complexity when you pull the firing trigger. Just use your middle finger when one dart drum gets empty.

Doesn’t have any nozzle so you cannot attach any extension here. But on the top, there is a tactical rail.

The priming slide is smooth like the Strongarm. You will have 2 mounts here at the top and down of the back part of the gun. If you want to hang the blaster on your shoulder then attach a lanyard mount with it.

According to the chronograph, it can be said that you will experience the velocity from 68 to 74 feet per second usually. Oh! The slam firing option is included in the mechanism. So, strike with burst fire when zombies will be there suddenly.

Though some say that Flipfury is oversized, I think that is not too big in size and you will actually get the real fun with those rotating drums which you can flip when they are out of ammo.

I can say that this piece is worthy at price and one of the best among the Nerf guns.

  • Holds a good amount of ammo
  • Easy loading Nerf blaster
  • You will have a very comfortable grip
  • Slam firing is included as one of your firing options
  • A cool blaster at a less price
  • You may face jam sometimes
  • Sometimes barrel doesn’t work properly
  • The top slide is a little bit rigid to pull back occasionally

Best for Barrel Extension: NERF Fortnite Sp-L Elite

Key Features:

  • Replica of dart blasting Fortnite blaster 
  • Hand powered blaster
  • Comes with a detachable barrel
  • 3 dart-clip to use in a battle
  • 6 Elite darts come with the blaster


Dimension2.63 in x 12.5 in x 9 in
Weight0.99 Pound
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

This Nerf blaster is basically designed according to the video game called Fortnite which is played virtually. So, the Fortnite lovers now get it in real to make a fight and enjoy the Fortnite vibe.

The fun part of this gun is that you can extend or shorten your toy only by attaching or detaching the barrel which comes with the package.

If you need a distant shot then fix the barrel with your blaster. Then if a short distant aim is required then detach the barrel easily. Besides, you can use this barrel extension with the other blasters.

You don’t need any battery as this gun is a hand-powered gun. At the top back of the blaster, you will find a hollow-shaped plastic that you can use to target your aim. Though any lenses or glass are not attached to this it seems cool then.

There is an internal magazine that lies beneath the priming slide. You have to pull the slide and open the entrance for darts. Then close it and prime your Fortnite Sp-L. Now start to fire. Prime each time and shoot with great fun. You don’t have any tactical rail here on the top or bottom.

You may rarely find any jamming while firing. But if you find one, there is a button at the left side of the baster which you have to push slightly with a pencil and your toy gun becomes jam-free.

The grey colored grip looks nice and comfortable as well. I must mention the trigger. It is really smooth to handle and fire.

If you are a Fortnite fan, then choose this Nerf gun for under 20 dollars.

  • An easy loading dart gun
  • Having a barrel extension at the front part
  • Lightweight blaster to carry easily
  • Is used both for distant and close fire
  • Only 3 darts can fly in a row

Best for Cosplay: NERF Fortnite HC-E Mega

Key Features:

  • Single-shot blaster
  • Mechanism with the front-loading dart entrance
  • Spring-powered blaster 
  • Comes with 3 mega darts
  • Can be played without any battery


Dimension2.63 in x 12.25 in x 7.75 in
Weight0.9 Pound
Recommended Age8 Years & Up
Battery Required?No

By inspiring from the Fortnite video game, Hasbro manufactures Fortnite HC-E Mega dart blaster, especially for the Fortnite fanatics. HC- E stands for hand cannon- epic. This cool looking single- dart blaster can be used in any Nerf game as well.

You don’t need any battery to operate this pistol-shaped blaster. Loading a single dart is super easy. Just put the dart into the front dart hole.

You will experience an amazing priming slide while pulling the slide to prime your blaster. It is super smooth and light that you feel like you are carrying a real one.

This toy blaster is very appropriate for the cosplay outfit. No chance of any jamming as it is a one- dart blaster.

With an average velocity of 60 feet per second, it could be said that it is less than the other pieces. But you can use it both for indoor and outdoor plays.

Though it is a good piece to select one of the Nerf guns under 20 bucks, functionally it is not so precise to get into a Nerf battle. You can use it as a sidearm. By holding only one ammo, it makes depressed some of the users.

  • It is made with sturdy and durable plastic
  • Cool looking blaster for cosplay
  • Can be operated without a battery
  • Having super smooth priming slide
  • Can fly with a speed which is less than the others

What to consider before buying Nerf gun under 20 Dollars

Dart capacity: Naturally, these blasters hold fewer rounds as they can be purchased at a reasonable price. Some of the blasters have single shot and some have near to 6. So, let make sure which one you need for your Nerf war.

Slam firing mechanism: Each of the blasters doesn’t have a slam firing option. If you need burst fire for your play, then pick one which can make slam fires.

If you don’t need this specifically, then you can choose the single-shot blasters where other different features are included.

Access to barrel extension: Make sure if the Nerf gun has a barrel extension or not. Because if you want to distant shooting then you must need this extra barrel. Some of the blasters have barrel attachment points. You can extend it if you purchase one with this function.

Priming mechanism: Priming is one of the most significant parts of these spring-powered blasters. Some guns have triggers and some have slides.

So, figure out actually which one you prefer for your play. You may get the slides in different sizes. So, choose it according to the size of the hands for whom you are purchasing.

Types of dart clip: Most of the blasters come with two types of magazines. One is internal and another one is external mag. Pick one which is comfortable for you. Sometimes, internal mags take more time to load.

So, if you need rapid loading and it seems time-consuming for your game, then pick the blaster which has an external magazine.

Rotating or flipped dart drum: External dart drums have two criteria. One is rotating and you can flip the other one to reload. Then keep it in your mind while you are about to purchase.

Velocity: Nerf blasters have different velocities. Choose whether you want to buy one for indoor or outdoor play. Velocity matters for this. For distant shooting pick one which has high flying velocity.

Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t you think it cool if you can have a Nerf toy blaster which is a 20 $ Nerf gun and has the power to knock out your opponent from the play?

Then pick the best Nerf guns under $ 20 and get into the exciting Nerf game. You can also enrich your collection because these are the most affordable toy blasters.

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