The 7 Best Nerf Guns for Adults Reviews in 2024

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Miss the old days with Nerf? There is nothing weird in it as we will be kids by heart no matter what the age will be. I am sure you still get the same adrenaline rush whenever you get the nerf gun in your hand. Then why are you depriving yourself?

Get the best Nerf gun for adults and recreate your childhood with your grownup buddies with nerf action packed battles. Confused in getting the right one?

For you, we have done extensive research and got some best options. Go through this detailed guideline and get the one that will take you back to childhood.

What is the Best Nerf Guns for adults?

Top 7 Nerf Guns for Adults Reviews in 2021

Best Overall: Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

Key Features:

  • Advanced acceleration structure
  • Rechargeable  NiMh battery
  • Hopper holds around 200 nerf rounds
  • Fire velocity is 100 FPS
  • The rate of fire is the highest


Product dimension5.25 in x 33 in x 15 in
Weight5 Pounds
Battery Required?Lithium ion batteries
Feet Per Second (FPS)100

With a Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K in your hand, your team battle experience will get powerful as it promises shooting 8 rounds in seconds.

This nerf rival toy blaster provides accuracy and power than any other blasters.

You will love the shooting feature with sleek design. And the color schemes – red and blue lets you play a team battle.

The design of this nerf blaster is unique and crazy. Your shooting style with this gun is from the hip and you don’t have to carry this from the shoulder. Sling it and shoot in any location.

You may find it a heavy looking weapon but trust me the handling option is easy and precise. You can aim up and down in the battle but you cannot run with it.

The double sized hopper and long conveyor belt for foam balls provides you quick load and extended battles in the jungle.

With the high impact 200 rounds can be shot with aim from 100 feet. It will not be hard to aim and shoot your enemy from a distance.

How does it feel when your gun is dead in the middle of the war? You may feel like breaking the gun. To avoid that type of situation you can count on this motor blaster.

Because it comes with rechargeable NiMh batteries. So when you’re in full mood to jump in a battle, charge the batteries and play till the enemies give up.

When you are firing the second trigger spins up as it is a flywheel blaster. You will find the trigger in the grip side. Just put the rounds in the hopper and let the flywheel work.

Your work is to hold the two handles firmly and aim at the direction.

  • Insane rate of fire.
  • Allows powerful velocity
  • It can hold up to 275 rounds
  • Easy to operate
  • Motorized blaster with comfortable handle
  • Keep away kids and pets from the place while shooting with this juggernaut

Best for Automatic Gun: Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Key Features:

  • Motorized blaster
  • High capacity hopper
  • Blasts 100 high impact rounds
  • Easy loading 
  • Fire velocity 100 FPS


Dimensions4.76 in x 12.24 in x 29.17 in
Weight5 Pounds
Batteries6 D batteries
Feet Per Second (FPS)100

For seasoned Nerf owners Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is a must have nerf adult gun. You will find this beast in red and blue color to allow it to make a team for high competitive nerf war.

This gun is bulky and heavy so you have to use a shoulder strap to make the carry easy. The high ammo capacity makes this nerf gun unique from other nerf guns.

Armed with 100 high impact foam balls the automatic nerf pistol allows you to show the best of your shooting skill. As it requires less loading time you can utilize the extra time for planning and plotting to destroy the opponents.

Your task is blasting the balls out and the balls will travel up to 30 meters in a second. You will feel like balls and balls everywhere.

The 6D batteries make this nemesis powerful. You can use rechargeable battery packs for extended power though you have to purchase it separately.

When you turn on the gun you will hear an engine is rumbling.  But before going for an intense battle make sure your gun is fully charged or else your battle will be ruined for your dead gun.

You have to gear up this flywheel blaster before starting shooting. If you do not do that you will not be able to shoot the balls in full force.

The conveyor belt in the hopper helps to move the balls from bottom to the flywheel. Then the flywheel pushes the rounds out. You may face a little jamming problem but you can release it by removing the hopper easily.

Reloading foam balls is easy and quick in this blaster for the easy load hopper. You can slide the hopper door open and load the balls just like that. While loading, tell your teammates to take control of the battle for little time.

  • Shoots in long-distance
  • Fun and fast to play with
  • Solid gun with ergonomics design
  • Easy to reload
  • The rate of fire is awesome
  • You need a NERF Rechargeable Battery Packs for more power

Best for Powerful Gun: Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Blaster

Key Features:

  • Motorized toy blaster
  • Drum capacity comes with 50 darts
  • Spinning barrel system
  • Massive gun with rapid-fire blasting
  • Nerf Elite darts are made from flexible foam with hollow tips


Product dimensions4.13 in x 37 in x 15.5 in
Weight8.48 Pounds
BatteriesRechargeable battery pack
Feet Per Second (FPS)70

Want to dominate in the nerf battle? Then pick the Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster and be unbeatable out there. This humongous motorized blaster lets you target with power.

This dart blaster is an automatic beast that comes with unique capacity. As the dart drum allows you to hold 50 elite darts, your nerf fight will have no comparison with others.

The three feet long and not so  heavy battery powered blaster comes with a spinning barrel. So while shooting the shoulder strap is required to finish the darts in seconds from 70 feet.

If you are an action movie fan then you will know about the gun used in terminator or predator. Yes, this gun’s design is inspired by that gun. The rotating barrel and the drum magazine gives the blaster a domination look.

As the carry handle and trigger are designed on the top you have to fire this nerf gun from your hip. Don’t worry about dart jamming or less firing power. The four D batteries extend your fighting time with no jamming options.

This toy gun is compatible with other elite darts. So you can use the extra money to buy other nerf accessories if required.

You will feel the gun is insane as your opponents’ runs for cover while you are firing. The darts simply fly all over the air with strong velocity. So remember not to aim on the face as it may cause harm.

There is only one tactical rail up on the gun. You can attach an optic or a bayonet or a chainsaw to make the look of this beast into an epic one.

The foam darts come with flexible and hollow tips. So they ensure full powerful and quality performance.

When you are in the mood of battle, this motorized nerf minigun needs to be powered up before starting to blast. It is a super fun blaster to shoot with as it has a quick rate of descent firing performance.

  • Best gift for teens 
  • Fun to shoot 
  • The drum magazine comes with compatible features
  • Magazine capacity is huge and easy to load
  • The gun is not heavy as it looks. So you can carry and shoot with ease
  • Little tricky in loading properly

Best for Budget: NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave

Key Features:

  • Built-in customized blaster
  • Pump action nerf gun
  • Loads up to 30 nerf darts
  • Fires up to 90 feet distance
  • Rotating drum magazine 


Product dimension3.13 in x 26.5 in x 11 in
Weight1.98 Pounds
BatteriesNo batteries required
Feet Per Second (FPS)70

If you want to take your nerf war into the next level then do consider NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave in your arsenal. This RD-15 blaster allows built-in customization which helps to upgrade the look and performance for a battle to win.

You will find stock attachment, barrel addition and 3 tactical rails in this elite 2.0. These attachments give an aggressive look of the gun to boost the performance in every battle and mission.

The dart drum loads a high impact dart. You can load up to 15 darts in this rotating drum though the gun comes with 30 nerf mega darts. So you can keep the extra darts in your nerf vest pocket for quick reload in the game.

It allows single shots with pump action and for every shot you need to prime the blaster. You can also blast the darts in single fire by holding down the trigger with continuous priming.

The range and accuracy in this blaster is perfect. You can shoot the darts from 90 feet range. For the great range your target will not be missed.

For the pump action system you don’t need to spend money on batteries or any types of rechargeable battery packs. You can use that money in attaching different accessories to make you unstoppable in the group mission.

This elite blaster makes the shooting time fun and interesting. As it shoots with darts so it requires an open place or else the children and pets will get hurt.

  • Fun to play with
  • Easy to load
  • Several attachments allow upgrading the look
  • Don’t require batteries 
  • Great accuracy and range
  • No slam fire option

Best for Rapid Fire: Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

Key Features:

  • Motor powered
  • Acceleration trigger power up the motor
  • Holds up to 18 darts
  • Allows customized configuration
  • Allows long-range striking control 


Product dimension4.02 in x 24.49 in x 12.76 in
Weight3.34 Pounds
Batteries4 C batteries
Feet Per Second (FPS)70

Though Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike was introduced in 2013 this blaster is still in the popular list of nerf lovers.  You don’t need to do any modification as this gun comes with barrel attachment and various tactical rails.

You will fall in love with the rapid fire force of this N-strike. You can go in between your enemies by firing the darts rapidly. There will be no match with you in the battlefield.

The extendable stock makes the nerf longer and gives the look a dominating one. It comes in perfect size with awesome power for firing and holding. It is best for adults who want to bring back childhood memories.

Five tactical rails and barrel attachment let you customize this awesome gun. For loading you can use the jam door that is huge and easy to feed the 18 round stick.

Handling this gun is easy as it comes in balanced design. The battery tray is located under the barrel and the grip is in the opposite end. These positions make the design balanced. You can use slings as there are many sling mountings.

Before shooting you have to power up the motor by pressing the rev button. This warm up task helps to boost up the shooting power. It requires getting the best range while firing.

This rapid strike was the first nerf gun that used the flywheel with dual speed. The speeds work in three timings.

The first half speed starts by pulling the spin button, then comes the accelerating speed to minimize the battery drain and the last speed time is to let the flywheel rotation gear up.

The fire rate of this blaster is quite good. Your 18 darts will get finished in 6 seconds – not bad right? You have to hold down the flywheel trigger for a single shot. You can target your enemy with accuracy under 73 feet in one second.

  • The body construction of this gun is awesome
  • The materials are long-lasting
  • Allows you to attach any accessories you want to give an epic look
  • The extending stock helps in long-range shooting
  • Comfortable to shoot and win
  • Have some jamming issues

Best for Pistol: Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Key Features:

  • Slam fire blaster
  • Having Spinning barrel
  • Easy to load
  • Holds 6 elite nerf darts
  • Hand powered fast-firing toy blaster 


Product dimensions7.01 in x 12.76 in x 2.76 in
Weight1 Pounds
BatteriesNo batteries are required
Feet Per Second (FPS)70

For quick withdraws Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster is the best one to pick. Light weight, fast firing and long range makes this elite toy blaster a favorite one. It is a must have nerf gun for all Nerf lovers.

The design of this blaster is stylish but sturdy. You will find the color combination eye soothing. The versatile features make this nerf gun reliable for each player.

It comes with a rotating barrel and tactical rail. The barrel can hold up to 6 elite darts and the best thing about this gun is it enables the slam fire option.

You have to hold down the trigger, prime and fire. You can also go for a single shot with this blaster if you don’t want to go for the slam fire.

The range of this toy gun is 90 feet which is quite cool. The gun ensures great capacity with performance. The range is huge if you consider the size. You will be amazed by the shooting performance though the look and size is deceiving.

You will enjoy your firing experience with this n-strike elite strongarm blaster for the rotating mechanism. In the nerf missions you can experience mobility and speed with this awesome nerf toy gun.

The barrel allows easy loading options especially during the battle time. you can go back to shooting mode after quick reloading the darts in no time.

The darts are foam made with flexibility and hollow tips. Some may like to use modded ones but these foam darts are really the high impact one.

The darts have been tested for distance and power. So you will not have to compromise with the quality and performance. You have to aim and shoot a storm of darts at your enemy.

There is no need for any types of batteries in this adult nerf gun. You have to shoot by moving the slide back and forward- as simple as that. You can add an attachment in the tactical rails to upgrade the look.

  • Light in weight but powerful
  • Targets and shoot with accuracy
  • Slam fire is quite powerful
  • Comes with durable materials
  • It is a movable gun
  • Sometimes the projectile stops spinning

Best for Semi Automatic Gun: Nerf Rival Artemis xvii-3000

Key Features:

  • Revolving barrel
  • High capacity blaster
  • Holds up to high impact 30 rounds
  • Integrated magazine
  • Easy to load


Product dimension4.02 x 20.51 x 10 inches
Weight3 Pounds
BatteriesNo batteries are required
Feet Per Second (FPS)100

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red works as the reminder for the foam popping lovers. This broad blaster has introduced the slam fire feature for the first time.

This pump action and spring powered nerf gun comes with joined magazines that can hold 30 high impact rounds.

The rival artemis is a fat and broad one with a priming handle that allows the pump action. It is a solid one and specially designed for the teens. You can have options in color- red and blue so that you can join the team competition in a nerf battle.

Feeding option in this fat gun is easy for the sliding section of the loading chambers. There are teo benefits of this sliding section. One is it opens the chamber to load the rounds and the other one is it compresses the springs.

You will find the grip comfortable in size and shape even if you have big hands. Moreover, there are two way push security buttons on both sides. So, no worries for left or right hand users.

The spinning barrel gives you a non-stop firing performance.  It rotates every time after priming. The priming also makes the spring push the yellow round balls forward. This works in every rotation.

For the slam fire you will fall in love with this Nerf Rival artemis. You have to hold down the trigger while pumping. You will find the speed and accuracy perfect especially in the open space.

You can get a perfect aim and shoot in just 10 feet away. You can also go for a single shot just by pulling the trigger one at a time.

As the blaster is spring powered so you don’t have to worry about any battery or rechargeable battery packs. There is a tactical rail up on the front barrel so you can attach a rear optic for a close and perfect aim.

  • Slam fire allows shooting fast
  • The compact size makes it easy to carry
  • Promises accurate and reliable hitting 
  • High impact rounds make the nerf war fun
  • Pump action makes the blaster unique
  • The slam fire decreases the accuracy

Nerf gun for adults- Comparison Chart

NameBest ForWeight (Pound)Recommanded Age
Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20KBest Overall514 Years & Up
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10KBest for Automatic Gun514 Years & Up
Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 BlasterBest for Powerful Gun8.488 Years & Up
NERF Elite 2.0 ShockwaveBest for Budget1.988 Years & Up
Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite RapidstrikeBest for Rapid Fire3.348 Years & Up
Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm BlasterBest for Pistol18 Years & Up
Nerf Rival Artemis xvii-3000Best for Semi Automatic Gun314 Years & Up

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Nerf Gun For Adults

Nerf blaster- shooting object

To find the best adult nerf gun is a simple job if you know what you are looking for. Let’s have a tour together in this buying guide to identify the adult nerf toy you are looking for.

Your shooting place: Before choosing the nerf gun for teenagers and adult’s nerf war you have to be sure that you have proper space to play a game with your college friends or colleagues.

You cannot play inside a small home because the war may cause destruction inside.

If you have lots of space both in indoor and outdoor then man you are lucky. Also keep in mind that this gun requires a space to store when you are not playing with it.

Manual or automatic: While choosing one nerf adult gun you have to decide whether you want the manual one or the automatic. What are the differences?

Well, the manual one requires to load bullets individually whereas the automatic one offers quick load.

The best thing about a manual nerf gun is it never gets clogged while shooting and the bad thing is you can shoot only one at a time.

On the other hand the automatic one lets you shoot nonstop. You have to load and shoot. But the loading time is frequent.

Now it is up to you which one you prefer to shoot with.

Size and weight: While picking nerf adult guns you have to consider the size and weight because you cannot choose and start shooting with a random one.

As an adult you have to go for the big guns but not every gun will let you play smoothly for the heaviness and aim issues.

If you want to play in a stationary position then sniper type is the perfect for you, if you want to run and shoot then put the light but powerful one in your list.

Magazine capacity: To win a nerf war among adults it is obvious that you have to own a most powerful nerf gun with huge capacity.

Because there is no time to collect the darts or rounds while you are in war. Take the one that will promise huge capacity with quick load.

You can think of getting extra magazines or using a nerf vest to prolong your battle by stocking enough nerf darts and rounds.

Darts or rounds: Preferring the ammo type is quite tricky. Both of the types provide the same shooting feeling but you have to think about the compatibility.

Because if your ammo comes with compatibility then you can use them in any nerf guns. By this you will have extra ammos in your collection and you can use the extra money for other purposes.

The foam darts work in most of the nerf pistols but the foam balls don’t work in all nerf guns.

Accessories: Increasing the performance of the playing gun is the top priority for all players. Pick the one that allows you to attach accessories to make the nerf war experience fun.

Refilling: Maximum players face problems in reloading ammo. Some just lose war only not having enough time to reload. So it is wise to have the gun that allows quick refill in the moment you want.

Budget: The nerf gun comes in a different price range. At first know your budget then filter out the models according to your budget. This will make your pick quick and easy.

If you want a blast in your playing zone then don’t think about the budget. Go and pick the most powerful nerf gun.

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Don’t get the wrong impression that the adults can’t play nerf war. Thanks to Hasbro as they have a bunch of best nerf guns for adults to pick and play. Trust me you will be so confused while picking the right one for you.

This nerf adult gun review will work for you as we have the best ones in the list. If you have a teenager in your house, do consider one to take to surprise him or her in the birthday party.  Get one and enjoy with your friends and family with the motto – it’s nerf or nothing.

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