Can You Bring a Nerf Gun on a Plane?

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You may love to take your loved one toy on a travel or plane journey for further use. But it is not possible all the time to fulfil your wish. Because there are some laws and rules which differ from each country to another.

But there is a common rule about the toys which have similarities to the real firearm. It is better to carry them in your luggage rather than keeping them with you on the flight for security issues.

Can You Bring a Nerf gun on Plane

Can You Carry a Nerf Gun on a Plane?

If you are planning to take a toy on a plane, I have to disappoint you for your planning. You can carry your toy blaster in the luggage which is checked through the x-ray machine. If something is detected, the authority will check your bags and if they find your piece safe, then they will get it back to you. But you should avoid carrying a gaming item in your handbag which you will carry with you.

Which toys can you bring on a plane?

We know that there are many kinds of gaming and sporting items which children or adults use to play. Some are magnetic, some are electric and some are simple. There is no problem holding toys for babies on a plane if the piece is not like arm. You can take things that your babies can play with.

As most of the Nerf toys look like guns, that’s why it is better to avoid carrying these on the plane. If you want to carry a sword, bow, grenade, rocket launcher and other accessories which seem similar to the realistic firearm, you are stopped in the airport regarding the safety security of the passengers and flight.

Can one take a Nerf gun through airport security?

Nerf is not any original firearm rather than it is just a game item. But it may seem like a real piece of weapon, people think that it is restricted to carry in the airport or on an air journey. But the concept is wrong. You can hold a blaster in your baggage which is checked.

It is wise not to take the toy in a handbag on an airplane. You just put it in your bag and while reaching to the next airport, you may bring it out without any problem. If someone asks you about this in the airport, don’t hesitate to say because these are not prohibited to carry in your luggage.

Are Nerf gun illegal in Australia?

Australia is a country that has some restrictions on toy weapons. It may seem crazy. But they are serious about this issue. That’s why some of the gaming items are illegal there. It is prohibited in some of the states in this country. Though Nerf gun is not illegal in Australia, but they banned most popular “Nerf rival Series”.

Why Rival is restricted in Australia?

As we discussed previously, Rival has no access in Australia. Like the other toy lovers, there are huge fans here for this brand. They always wait and keen on the new arrival of Nerf Rivals. But it is unfortunate that if you are living in Australia, you are supposed to stay away from this super cool gaming piece from the popular Rival series.

So, according to some states law of this country. it is clearly restricted in this area. Actually, National Firearms Agreement doesn’t meet the criteria of the toy. That’s why they don’t allow this specific Rival item.


Prevention measure is always better. If you want to avoid a problem or chaos then it is wise to take proper steps about carrying your Nerf toys in proper places. Some accessories are banned and some are not allowed in some places for their own formed reasons. So, take your toy blasters in a mannerly way and enjoy your game while reaching there.

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