Nerf vs Airsoft – Which is better? (Comparison)

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A question arises in mind, Nerf vs. airsoft, which is better? There is a debate going on. Airsoft is more realistic and serious than Nerf.

Airsoft needs more safety concerns. You have to go airsoft site and strictly follow game rules. On the other hand, Nerf can play anywhere. Here we compared nerf vs airsoft in detail and discussed which sport suitable for whom.

History of Nerf

Nerf is one of the most popular toy brands which has produced toy products since 1969. It is a mainly USA-based company formed by Parker Brothers and Reyn Guyer and it is currently owned by Hasbro.

They mainly produce toy weapons and foam balls and those are made up of foam, plastic, and rubber materials and initially available from 1969 to the present. Their most popular product is the nerf dart toy gun, which is made of foam and it is shot for ammunition.

Nerf gun
Nerf gun with foam darts

The Nerf company provides us many products which are really very amazing. The first slogan of this company was, “There’s only one Nerf” and now its slogan is ”Light It Up!” (Light It Up).

Because of its amazing influence on every aged person, Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS has won “Boy Toy of the Year ” in 2011. In 2014, Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire was awarded “Best Action Toy” at the UK toy fair.

It is still popular. Nerf sports which are like real sports balls and made of foam having a lot of color variations.

This company also produces Nerf Blasters, N-Strike / N-Strike Elite, Dart Tag, Dart Tag, Vortex, Zombie Strike, Doomlands 2169, Nerf Dog, Laser Tag, Nerf N-Force, Alpha Strike.

Parker Brothers mainly developed Nerf, then Minnesota-based games inventor Reyn Guyer joined with them with some new ideas.

Parker Brothers started with 100 mm polyurethane (made with an aromatic isocyanate, which has been exposed to UV light,10-380 nm wavelength) foam ball and then the football game idea came with Reyn Guyer.

But around 1970, they decided to expel everything but the foam ball after studying or researching. Later in 1970, the Nerf ball was introduced as the “world’s first official indoor ball” and it was like a new era.

Over the years, Nerf continued to increase the line with new products e.g. sports balls, foam darts, video games, and other nerf accessories.

The first Nerf blaster was made in 1989 and got much popularity and got a lot of attention. Still, It’s popularly like over the moon. Anybody can play this shooting sport anywhere.

History of Airsoft

Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport that originated in Japan in the early 1970s. Airsoft resembles a real gun but doesn’t kill anyone. Ichiro Nagata was the inventor of the airsoft gun.

Airsoft guns
Airsoft guns

The name “soft air” referred to the compressed Freon-silicone (Freon is the trade name of CFC, which is harmful to our environment ) oil mixture ( later replaced by a propane-silicone oil mixture known as “Green Gas”. Because of the harmfulness of CFC) that was used as a propellant.

Which was significantly weaker than the carbon dioxide used in proper airguns ( pellet guns and BB guns ).

Airsoft is mainly a surviving game in which participants eliminate the opposing player and it got popular in the UK in the late 1980s. It is still much popular around the world through this product is mainly manufactured in Asia.

Most amazing thing is that airsoft technology is used in military training. So it is comparatively unsafe for infants and kids. The airsoft guns are mostly used with magazine-fed which also have some manual spring charged systems.

It is mainly powered by replaceable compressed gas (e.g. propane (“green gas that’s aren’t grabbed from fossil fuel but it is profusely produced from anaerobic digestion”, CO2) canisters.

Some are battery-powered. That can generate a lot of energy which speeds up the muzzle velocity.

Is A Nerf Gun An Airsoft Gun?

Nerf gun and an airsoft gun, both are different according to characteristics, working principle stiffness, and design. Though both of them are mock arms, they aren’t the same. Even, you can differentiate them by their price. So nerf guns are not an airsoft gun.

Which Is Better: Nerf vs Airsoft

Sometimes a question arises, whether Nerf is better or airsoft? It’s mainly a controversial query because the answer will vary from person to person, place to place, and even age to age.

To reveal the truth, we will focus on some criteria by which we can take a comparatively good discussion

The first thing we should consider is safety. In one word, Nerf is safer than airsoft. Though both are mock weapons that fire projectiles but airsoft is harder and stiffer.

Airsoft weapons usually use pressurized air which is responsible for the high speed of the bullet and they fire non-metallic sphere shape pellets called bbs. The speed at which airsoft bb pellets are fired is very risky to the eyes and areas of the eye.

So you have to use protective gear. On the other hand, nerf darts are made of foam which is very safe for children, though there are also some conditions under which a nerf gun is thornless for the users and surroundings.

At the question of safety, we should use a Nerf gun instead of an airsoft gun. So Nerf gun is suitable and perfect for kids and teens. For 18 years or above, airsoft guns can be considerable.

An airsoft gun is more realistic than a Nerf gun. It has luster and texture like an actual gun. Its weight is mainly around 5 to 10 pounds which is heavy and that’s why it is tough to easily operate.

It can be battery-powered or spring operated. It will obviously give a feeling of actual arms as well as real combat. On the other hand, Nerf blasters are amazing but it is not looking so realistic as airsoft. But it is lightweight which can be easily assembled.

Nerf has no specific rules for playing. You can play it anywhere and by any rules. On the other hand, airsoft has many specific rules for playing, without it, you can be disqualified. To gain objective and challenging vibes, airsoft can be a better option for you.

The airsoft gun is comparatively expensive. It takes up to 100-300$ for an Airsoft pistol and you also need magazines, batteries, gases, face, and eye protection whereas, you can buy a nerf gun for 40$.

Moreover, the darts of Nerf guns are reusable. You can get better performance with an Airsoft pistol. Now the decision is in your hand.


There are a lot of sports by which we can be recreated. We can play different types of games or plays which allow us to develop our creativity, imagination, and strength. Various types of plays help to release endorphins which improves brain functionality.

Nerf guns and Airsoft pistols both are amazing equipment to pass your leisure with fun. It will increase your physical and mental capacity and it is also good for health. They are available in the online shop. You can do it at any time from anywhere.

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