Nerf Gun Safety Tips: The complete guide for players & Parents

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Play shooting games a popular trend now, especially with nerf blaster. Kids, boys, young’s everybody loves to participate in nerf wars. It is more pleasant in comparison to other’s games.

Because Nerf guns come with a lot of variety, colourful design, and shooting ability draw an imagined world in the child’s mind. Stimulate with pure joy and happiness.

A nerf blaster is always a great birthday gift idea, many parents; Grandpa wants to surprise their kids/grandson and make them happy.

However, every game has a safety precaution; nerf is no exception. Moreover, there are several cases affirmed related to nerf safety. It is vital to understand the entire thing.

Here we stated a few awful accidents:

According to the telegraph, A 32 years old man’s eye hit by nerfing bullet from eight-meter range, Cause eye damage suffered blurred vision.

The corresponding accident happens to an 11 years child who suffered blurred vision.

Don’t be frightened; we are going to deep dive; you might explore everything associated with nerfing safety.

What is Nerf gun

The nerf guns are toy dart blaster manufactured by Hasbro. It fires foam dart or foam ball, which are made by flexible safest foam.

Are nerf guns dangerous?

Nope, Nerf guns are pretty safe. Foam made lightweight sponge dart, Limited power, and short-range nerf guns are safer for children above three years old. The manufacture carefully designs every gun model, and it comes with clear guidance and age limitation as well.

When kids grow up and demand more powerful guns, they sometimes modify guns, eliminate air restriction, and improve long-range ability to participate in nerf war. It is not a problem as long as they follow the safety guide.

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Nerf Gun Safety tips

Knowing the necessary precaution is evident for everyone to participate in the nerf war and parents also. Here are some essential safety tips and rules to avoid any unwitting incident.

1. Eyes protection:

Nerf guns are not naturally dangerous. The manufacturing company Hasbro claims that they are doing extensive years of research to ensure met all safety recommendations. Plus, their products are the global standard and follow all safety parameters.

However, if you search about nerf injuries, you find most of the cases are eye-related. The doctor says Nerf bullet can harm eyes, might be suffer internal bleeding, blurred vision, and pain which might sometimes be irreversible damage.

This type of accident would have been prevented by wearing a safety glass. You find on the market.

As we said before, the blaster bullets made by soft foam. You don’t need to buy expensive eyewear for only nerf safety purposes. The ordinary plastic glass will do. Make sure; everyone wears an eyeglass before they participate in the war.

nerf safety glass
Protective Glass

2. No head and face shoot:

It is the general nerf rules. Do not target your opponent’s face or head; instead, you can shoot the body. Headshot may hurt your combatants, although nerf bullets are soft. So, avoid targeting any harmful act.

3. Age restriction:

On weekends or holidays, you are thinking of hosting a nerf battle, playing with your family and friends. Your little siblings want to play with you, correct?

Here are the things, should you play with your kids/little siblings?

You can play with them if they are above six years old. On the contrary, you can play above three years old. But under careful monitoring.

Nerf toy comes with age restrictions. Nerf blasters are not suitable for a toddler. Most of the blaster is simplistic, low powered. But they are Increasing powerful gun demand.

 Recently Hasbro manufactured a new series, “N strike elite range.” Which are fit for above 12 years old. Additionally, there are several types of nerf blaster; Automatic, semi-automatic, sniper, Pistol, etc.

Before purchasing a gun, see the age recommendation to make sure safety for your loves.

4. Gun Modification:

If you participate in a war, you want to win? Everybody does. Thus, people lead to modify their guns to defeat all the restrictions, including air restrictions, gun power, load time, and shoot range. Nowadays it is easy, Search for modification, you will get tons of videos and tips.

However, Gun modification is not a problem for a teenager as long as they improve essential ability. It’s not expedient for children.

Because children skins are sensitive and fragile, on the other hand, teenagers’ skin more way durable.

Modified guns may hurt children; sometimes, the teenager can be affected, depends on the gun’s power, bullet weight, and blasting range.

5. Gun Power:

Are nerf guns too powerful? Technically it’s not. Principally nerf guns made as low power guns. The manufacturer has released more powerful blasters Due to increasing people’s demand.

Likewise, N-Strike Elite range series released by Hasbro, the average fps (foot per second), is 70. Long-range, Automatic fires, reduce load time make this awesome blaster fires five darts per second. This series is suitable for eight years or above old children.

Therefore, Hasbro introduced a more powerful rival series. One hundred fps with a 30m range makes not only great but also the first choice of combatants.

Nerf Rival Prometheus can fire eight darts per second, with a rechargeable battery, 200 darts load opportunity, Tigger lock makes peoples choose. This item eligible for 14 years old or up.

With customization kit, these guns do easily enhance fps, eliminate air restriction shoot further, and harder.

Therefore, some mod nerfs gun has higher muzzle velocity, which seems not natural. Even it could be hurt or frighten people, of course, no one wants to do it, right?

Remarked, most nerf war requires around or below 130 FPS. You may ban if you have higher muzzle velocity than that.

6. Don’t Use modified Dart:

Modify darts to more accurate and fly further. Sometimes people use heavy Dart than usual. It is not recommended by Hasbro, using modified Dart.

We also found customized Dart, which is a sharped edge to fly thoroughly, sometimes it hurts when you get attacked by close range.

7. Find a specific area for host war:

There are several cases neighbor called authority to complain about dirt their place. If you intend to host a battle, find a suitable location. Marked the range and played inside. If no boundaries are set, players will be scattered everywhere; this can dirt the property of the people around.

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8. Don’t shoot at anyone or animal not involve the war:

When you are in battle, there are bystanders and passengers; you have to be extra careful not to shoot anyone not involved in the war as we mention the earlier topic, Set limits of your playground.

If you see people in your playground, not connect the war call truce and move. If they hit accidentally, regrets to them.

Remember, don’t shoot the animal; they lose belief in you. You might be attacked.

Make sure, battleground free from other people. It would be better if the playground far from neighbors. Moreover, for your shouting, don’t let the neighbor get upset.

9. Don’t play on highways:

Nerf should play a specific gameplay area, away from any risky possibilities. Don’t play or run into the streets during the war.

10. Don’t play the rule-Disobedient game:

Peoples try to design a new module or method of games, no difference in nerf. The blaster likes a firearm. Many people play nerf with target shooting objects. There is nothing to worry about as long as no injury occurred.

The reason we say that we find a case related car chasing target by nerf gun. The driver lost control; as a matter of consequence, a car accident happens.

We always suggest, don’t try to do something dangerous, don’t shoot neighbor windows, or target anyone unconscious about targeting him.

11. Identity Confusion:

Nerf guns are simple, affordable to buy, bring a lot of excitement. Nevertheless, people’s want to do something more exciting. Dressed like a real soldier, motivated by the call of duty game, wants to bring fantasies into the real world.

Nerf guns are designed with a bright color that looks like a toy gun. But many people paint their blaster in a way that like a real weapon. We found that some modified guns look like a real rifle; some guns look like an AK-47.

Imagine what it looks like if you see a group of people wear scary costumes and carry weapons seem original. You get frightened and called for backup, right?

The same things happen when bystanders and passerby could mistake your guns into a real threat. Call for police or even happen anything worse. So, you shouldn’t dress like scary, find a colorful costume. If you want to paint your gun, it should look like a toy gun. Don’t paint your blaster looks like a real one or camouflage it.

12. Don’t look at the barrel:

If you need to look at the barrel, wear safety eyeglasses and empty the chamber. Make sure no dart in the chamber or inside the gun.

It would better not look at the barrel; the soft Dart can do irreversible damage to the eyeball if the fire happens at close range.

13. Don’t fire without targeting:

Nerf guns are cheap, and the functionalities are not as good as a real gun. Therefore, it doesn’t leave your blaster when loaded. It could be a misfire. Don’t fire without targeting or fling dirt around. Keep your gunpoint at the ground until you ready to aim antagonist.

Of course, You don’t want to bother your neighbor or anyone by accidentally firing, because you aren’t aware.

9 Tips for Gun Safety With Kids

Parent’s Guide:

We discussed the detailed safety guide in the prior section. Here we talk about responsibilities for parents to follow. Especially if you are planning to give your kids a surprise present, you may take a look at parent’s guide to knowing more stuff.

1. Check age eligibility:

It is advised to read reviews and blogs before buying a new gun. Check the age restriction; there are some models design for above three years old children. Although most of the nerf blaster design for over six years old kids.

Some guns are designed for teens,

Please noted,

N-Strike elite blaster design for above eight years old, and the Rival series design for over 14 years old.

2. Choking Hazard:

It is the crucial safety precaution that you should count if you have younger kids. When kids are younger ages around two years, they tend to eat everything they found. You must keep Dart away. Accidentally easting darts may block their throat, create a severe issue, including difficulty breathing.

3. Teach kids about Nerf war rules and behavior:

Joining the nerf party, children enjoy most and playing around. But, have a nerf gun, they may commit thoughtless behavior. You should teach children how to behave during the nerf war.

4. Parent Supervision:

After you teach nerf rules and safety precautions, it also needed to observe your younger kid’s activity during the war. Don’t let your younger kids play with older kids because some guns designed for older kids may not be suitable for them.

Like, Automatic Machine gun design to constant fire, Qualified for eight years or older. If your kids below mention age range and playing with older kids. If they bring machine nerf guns to play, it won’t look right.

5. Nerf are great toys to learn Firearm:

Many parents think Nerf could make their children violent. It’s a wrong concept. Rather than nerfs helps to learn children etiquette, how to behave, how to respond when they assaulted by someone. How to defend themself, how to react in an emergency.

Plus, nerfs are great tools to learn how to operate and control firearms. It also helps to learn how to behave in the presence of real guns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thought:

Safety precaution is the primary concern when you play with nerf guns and always follow all safety guides. Don’t break any rules as well as local law enforcement.

Remember, not everyone participates in the war; you should be conscious of the people around you. Plus, No illegal modification. Keep younger children and pets away from playgrounds.

For parents, always watch out your younger kids, explain the game rules and etiquette, and play with your kids; it brings them enormous joy and happiness.

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