How Many Types of Nerf War Games Can Be Played? Everything You Need to Know

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The childhood of almost everyone is full of joys associated with the different types of nerf games. The versatility of nerf war games is responsible for bringing fun in the plays of kids. After its advent in the 1970s, nerf games have adopted many styles and forms.

Thus, if you’re thinking of going back to your school days to enjoy nerf games, you should try out different types of nerf games that can be played everywhere. Also, if you’re looking forward to arranging a birthday party for your kid, exploring different types of nerf war games will not be a wrong choice at all!

So, considering this very demand of the readers to know everything about different types of nerf war games, we have decided to guide you about it. Our nerf experts have spent many hours researching different types of nerf games that can remind you of the good old days of your childhood.

That is why let’s get started in the guide below to know how many types of nerf games can be played easily by everyone?

Top-Rated Nerf War Games that Can Be Played

Playing different types of nerf games can be the best substitute for removing your boredom. But, creating your own nerf game will surely be difficult. So, don’t worry; our experts have listed some of the most commonly played nerf games in the guide below.

Let’s dive into each type of nerf game without any further ado!


The first commonly played nerf game that will satisfy the demands of your kid is known as Free-for-All. Both in the past and the present, it is regarded as the most played game during the nerf war. One of the basic reasons for its increased fame among nerf lovers is that it is pretty easy and can be played by almost everyone.

It works on the objective that all players in the game have to eliminate their opponent players by shooting several blasters from their nerf gun. Furthermore, you don’t have to make any kind of team or alliance before playing this super fun nerf game. But, one thing to keep in mind is you have to learn the basic principles of nerf games before trying it out.

Nerf War: Epic Free For All First Person Shooter (Halo and COD Style) -  YouTube

Balloon Knock Down

The next option of nerf game can be the best option to create fun at the birthday party of your kid. It includes shooting different colors of balloons with the help of blasters from the nerf gun. However, the winning person has to blast the balloons in the fastest way possible. It also includes the use of a timer to get an idea of the duration in which a player shoots a particular number of balloons.

It is also known as the fun nerf gun because it involves kids going head to head to battle for shooting more balloons in no time. The essential things that you’ll need during this game include an empty cardboard box, toilet paper tubes, small balloons, and scissors. The basic principle while playing this nerf game is to focus on the direction of your nerf gun blasters.

You can integrate the toilet paper tubes with balloons to stabilize them on the cardboard box. Now start them one by one while maintaining your focus.

Nerf Gun Balloon Trick Shots! (Guava Juice Nerf Style) - YouTube

North Vs. South

This type of nerf game is the most suitable option to play if you have a large number of players during the battle. It involves making two different nerf teams. Name one of the teams as North and the other one as South. These opponent teams are supposed to play against each other while performing their best during the nerf gun war. Another fun point in this game is that the north team will have more participants with small nerf guns.

But the south team has less number of participants as compared to the North one. They will also have better types of nerf guns to play with. Before starting this game, each team has access to build bunkers or any kind of protection. It also focuses on competing for the efficiency of each team to play their role in shooting the other team.

The competition during this coolest nerf game is to check the ability of each team to play with zeal and zest. It is also regarded as the most fun game to play indoors since it brings a sense of competition among the players.

Nerf calculator Game of War

Another amazing nerf game that can be easily played by everyone is known as nerf calculator game of war. It involves the use of the War Real Tips Calculator. So, you’ll be supposed to make different troops of the participants during this game. After that, you’ll have to count the amount of each troop by entering data into the calculator.

It is also known as the most fun nerf gun game since it helps you to perfectly optimize your data. Furthermore, while using the nerf gun calculator, you can also get a perfect idea about the total new power of each team. In this way, you’ll be learning to perform better in every nerf gun game. Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle : Video Games

Star Wars nerf Games

Many nerf games also include different types of stars wars nerf games since they involve shooting the focused material or any object placed on a particular point. The most common start war nerf game that every player loves to play is known as stormtrooper targets. You can use some craft rolls and make a pyramid of these rolls in your backyard. 

So, start with shooting the toilet paper rolls by using the blasters from the nerf gun. All you need to do is to practice more and more on your focus. The more you practice shooting the toilet paper rolls, the more plus points you’ll get during the nerf game wars. 

Best Nerf Gun Games & DIY Targets for Kids | Happy Mom Hacks

Team Deathmatch 

In addition to all these common types of nerf games that can be played at different parties, Team Deathmatch is another option to try now. It involves making different teams depending on the number of participants present at the spot. All you are supposed to do is to defeat the members of the opponent team by shooting him with the blaster of your nerf gun. The team that standstill last is considered to be the winner of this game. 

Furthermore, the elimination of players during this game makes it even more exciting than other nerf gun games. It can be made more interesting by adding more friendly rules so that you can hype up the excitement. There is no need to worry about learning the rules before playing this game. You can watch one or two YouTube videos and get an idea of what is going to happen in this type of nerf gun game. 

Nerf Team Deathmatch - YouTube

Army Men Knockdown 

Is your kid crazy about the army? Or are you a fan of army persons? If yes, then this type of nerf gun game is going to be the game-changer of your events. It can make you feel like an army officer having the responsibility to shoot others. However, the essential things that you will need during this game involve an empty cardboard box, tape, scissors, LEGO Minifigures, and persons having the spirit of army men. 

Now, use your cardboard paper and scissors to make intact windows for pointing your target. In addition to this, each player has to test his shooting skills while playing this nerf gun game. The person who knocks down all the windows with nerf blasters is rewarded as the winner of the game. However, you can create different teams as well. Now, the competition will be between two different teams to shoot more windows.

It also involves two players going head to head to shoot more intact windows in order to win the game in no time. Focus is the only that you need to consider while playing this type of nerf game. 

Nerf Games - Host the Ultimate Nerf Battle With These Fun Nerf Games

Game of War t5 Nerf

It is also known as one of the commonly played nerf games in the recent century. It involves making two teams that are supposed to play against each other. The purpose is to eliminate the participants of the opponent team in less time. The team that eliminates more participants of the opponent team is regarded as the winner of this game. 

Besides this, recently is also played between the single players in the form of a battle. This battle is played with the T5 Nerf gun. Thus, don’t worry about the complexity of playing this nerf gun game. All you need is your focus and the spirit to eliminate your opponent. 


Capture the Flag 

Another amazing nerf game that you’ll love to play even during a birthday party or a family gathering captures the flag. It is also known as the most traditional nerf game that involves two opponents who have to compete against each other. Each of the teams tries to shoot the flags of the opponent team. Thus, every team is given a particular color of the flag and named accordingly.

So, the major goal of each team is to protect their own team and try every possible measure for the sake of their defense. The team that implies different rules and strategies to protect their flags from blasters will be regarded as the winner of the competition. Each team has to seize the flags of the other team. 

Thus, this game ends when one of the teams succeeds in capturing or seizing all flags of the opponent team. Many teams also set rewards for the winning team. 

Nerf War: Capture the Flag - YouTube

Target Practice 

Another important nerf gun game that you’ll love to play is known as target practice. It will be the best choice if you love to be a shooting expert. However, it involves shooting the nerf targets that are integrated with the cardboard sheets and positioned on particular points. So, you will be setting the focus points for shooting the nerf targets with your nerf gun. The essential materials that you will need during this game include scissors, tape, prints of the nerf targets, and a ribbon. 

You can paste the nerf target on the cardboard sheet and position it accordingly. Start shooting the targets by maintaining a focus point from your position. This game is also famous for boosting your shooting skills. You can practice it for becoming a better shooter in the future. This game can also be played between two opposing teams. The team that shoots more targets on the cardboard sheet will be regarded as the winner. 

Nerf Target Practice - YouTube

Freeze Tag (Nerf Gun Style) 

Here is another commonly played nerf gun game that you’ll love to practice. You’ll have to split the overall players into two different teams depending on their shooting ability. Each team will be facing the other as their opponent. It involves the members of each team shooting the other team member and freezing him. The person will remain frozen unless someone other from the other team also shoots the opponent. 

So, if you talk about the basic goal of this game, it would be nothing but not letting the opponents play. The most important rule of this game is that the fire doesn’t apply if you are not shooting the team member. 

NERF Freeze Tag Challenge [Ep 2]! - YouTube



Nerf wars can really be fun if they are played with zeal and zest. We have tried our best to explain the commonly played nerf games in the guide above. You can explore each option to play this time. 

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