A Brief History of Nerf Gun | From Past to Present

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Hey there!  As you are here, I think you are a NERF fan, and you want to know about everything of Nerf guns.  There was a time when parents didn’t let kids play with toy guns, as getting hurt with the toy was easy.

But thanks to the brand to invent the gun with soft darts to allow kids to have a memorable childhood. If you are a toy gun lover, trust me, and you’ll enjoy this article as you’ll get answers all about the famous “NERF.”

What is a Nerf gun?

nerf gun
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There is no comparison with this toy gun. It is special for the design and the mechanism. When the weapon was invented, the famous slogan was “it’s Nerf or nothing,” and kids are still flowing the words.

This gun promises safe Nerf war with foam darts for the kids and teenagers too. It has been four decades since the kids have been enjoying the foamy fun.

Why is NERF called Nerf?

Mainly the NERF word was adapted for soft games. When a weapon was developed with soft features, then it was tagged as a “nerfed” game. Now this word is developed in broader use for strategy/ character/ weapon that comes with weak game features.

In the late ’60s, the trucks that were used to push the race cars to the line had foam-covered bars known as nerf bars. 

Many ask what does nerf stands for. Well, the word has meaning, and that is – “Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.”

Nerf History: An Interesting Ride:

In 1968, Reyn Guyer, the inventor, was working with a new game conception, the “caveman” with foam. Reyn was already popular and making money from the popular game “twisted.” While testing the game, the team came up with the idea of making foam balls. 

The team introduced the softball conception to the previous company run by Milton Bradley, who sold the twister game, but it was rejected. Then the idea was introduced to the parker brothers, and they accepted it with a condition, and that is only marketing the softball.

Thus, in 1969, the soft ball was introduced to the sports world by park brothers, and just in one year, the ball was sold in 4.5 million.

Then in 1971, the concept was expanded to Nerf disk with super nerf ball. The famous football and nerfroop made history in 1972.

In 1991, the parker brother company merged with Kenner products, then Hasbro took over the company, and all the famous brand products came under the Hasbro Company. The company is producing the products until the date successfully.

What is the first nerf gun ever made?

Blaster, also known as blast-a-ball, was the first nerf pistol ever made in the world. This handgun came with a plastic tube with a handle and an air pump to shoot the foam balls.

This firearm was replaced by the famous “Blast-o-Matic,” which was a better version. And it was the beginning of the firearms till entertaining from kids to adults. In the ’90s, the gun came with the foam darts and the blaster series. The series started in 1994 with action allzooka, then in 1996 the Manta Ray and 1998 Expand –a –Blast.

Parents were happy with the fact that nerf darts were safe to play with, and kids love to shoot friends without hurting anyone.

In 2002, Brian Jablonski joined the brand, and the magic in blaster pistol was started from then. As per customer demand, in 2010, nerf mod was introduced on the internet, so Jabslonski increased the blaster range and the dart capacity, and thus the N-Strike Elite was introduced in the market. 

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When I am holding a nerf blaster is like I am the most powerful in the universe. I guess everyone feels the same way after getting the blaster as a gift.

For the lover of this brand, this article about the Nerf’s history will be a delightful read. And if you are thinking about getting the famous toy handgun for yourself or loves one, then go ahead. Trust me; you won’t disappoint.

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