How to Mod Nerf Darts Accurate and Better (The Definite Guide)

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There was a time parents didn’t allow any types of guns because of safety. But thanks to NERF as they introduced a toy gun with low power and foam bullets. Playing with a dart blaster is fun, and kids love it. But today’s kids want sturdy toy guns with power because they like to show off rather than playing.

If you know how to mod nerf darts, then you can have a toy gun with a long power range. In this article, you will know how to make nerf darts more accurate and the steps of mods to make those short darts powerful enough to shoot long.

How to Make Nerf Dart Better – The Ultimate Process Step by Step

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By the modification of the shoot, you can improve the blaster accuracy and range. You can turn the solid darts into the best darts to have a friendly battle in the woods or backyard. There are kinds of methods to modify them, let’s find out which one will work for us:

Step 1: The Basic Stefan’s Design

NERF means – “non-expanding recreational foam” the foam is polyurethane, and it is perfect for making shoots with. Not all the types are the same and can be modified easily. This toy bullet with the basic design are best for changing.

To modify it, the popular method is “Stefan’s design,” and the bullets that are modified in this method is known as “Stefan’s.” Among different ways, I am sharing the popular method that most of the NERF users follow.

You have to use a foam backer rod to make homemade nerf darts. This material is available in any repair shop.

The foam is curled, so you have to make it straight before cutting the toy shoot. Tape the foam on a flat surface to make it straight.

Take scissors, glue, and fishing weights to add extra weight. Cut the rod in the same height as the NERF dart. Now make a circle on one side and insert the fishing weight through it. To attach the weight, use a good glue and leave it to dry.

Step 2: Adding Extra Weight

Modifying the shoot means adding weights in the darts to increase the distance. Why is the modifying required? Well, it is to make the war game more realistic. Some user’s mod the original one’s adding weight like ball bearings by replacing the tip. To improve the accuracy, you can use neon straw inside it.

Step 3: DIY Nerf Dart

Making NERF homemade bullets in this method is the easiest one, even your kids can make this on their own. You will need only paper, tape, and scissors to make it.

At first, take the paper and place the dart on it to take the length.

Cut the paper after marking the length and scroll the paper around. Measure the paper roll in the blaster, whether it fits or not.

Then take the colorful tape and wrap the paper.  Yes, your paper bullet is ready to shoot.

Step 4: Not Safe foam bullets

You have to know that all the information on the internet about the foam bullet modifying is not safe. In some methods, the user shows to use blades or needles to insert in the toy shot, which makes it dangerous to use.

Using these will make your play dangerous and fatal. Why are they showing this method? This needle or blade makes the foam make the bullet sharp and heavy. So it is up to you whether you will follow the method or not.

Step 5: Custom Nerf Darts

To customize the real one, this method is also popular among toy gun users. In this method, you have to:

Remove the foam bullet tip and insert the rubber sticks.

First, you have to cut the sticks into different sizes like –5 mm, 10mm, 15mm, etc. to get different tips in different weights. The long you cut the stick, the heavier the foam bullet gets.

Attach the sticks with foam shafts using all-purpose glue and leave it to dry.

Don’t mix up the foam bullets with different sizes while playing, or else you will miss the long-range shooting.

You can wrap the tip with tape to keep it intact and narrow down the front for easy chambering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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 You can follow any of the methods given in this article for making nerf dart mod accuracy. While altering the foam shafts, you can understand how to mod nerf darts better gradually. All these altering toy bullets are only for making your play enjoyable.  Let the parents do the change for safety reasons.

If the kids want to do it, then parents should stay around them while the variation is going on. Don’t ever let kids shoot this toy bullet in close range because it may come fatal. Make the change safe and sound to let the kid play with fun.

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