How Long Do The Nerf Guns Last At All?

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Nerf gun’s lifespan depends on the user and the brand of the nerf gun. Still, the number of shootings is around 2000 to 5000 shots per nerf gun. There are some associating things that need to be considered before telling how long a nerf gun will last. Still, the aforementioned number is the average lifespan of a nerf gun.

How Long Do The Nerf Guns Last At All

Factors Upon Which Nerf Gun Lifespan Depends 

There are many nerf gun brands available in the market. Nerf gun lifespan also depends on handling the gun. If the guns face extra external hits, usually the gun becomes unusable before its actual lifetime. Another important factor is the maintenance of the nerf guns. They need regular maintenance as we do to our machines. And the last and most important is how we store a nerf gun after using it. If that is stored in a bad condition, that may not provide expected service.

How To Take Care Of Nerf Guns

Most of the time these products (Blasters)don’t last long due to the irresponsible handling of the users. Users must know how to take good care of their toys if they want a long-lasting experience. There are some crucial directions that can’t be denied for a long-lasting toy. Users are advised to follow the following directions for experiencing better usability.


1) Every time we use a nerf gun, it must be stored in a good condition. Storing a gun includes keeping that thing in a safe place for avoiding any external hit on the toy. Like often kids play with their toys and keep that anywhere even out of their house. That thing comes underfoot and gets broken. So storing the blasters in a safe place is necessary.

2) Nerf guns must be kept away from solvents and direct natural hits like external dust or direct sunlight. These natural forces have the power to spoil a material within 1 year. If a kid plays with it and keeps it open outside of the house like in their lawns or yards, chances are that product won’t remain usable.

3) The users must remember to load the gun before firing. Every time a user must check whether the gun is loaded or not. Unloaded guns may damage the product and lessen its durability of the product.4)      Using compatible accessories with a certain product is always a better option. We often commit this mistake. But we should use those provided accessories which have been produced by manufacturers for certain products. Using incompatible accessories creates extra damage. Like when users use larger gadgets in a narrower space may damage that area instantly. Every manufacturing company provides compatible accessories, users are advised to use those products. Most of the time, these accessories are needed to purchase extra for making the guns more useful and more entertaining.

Average Nerf Gun Lifespan (Average Lifespan of Nerf Guns)

It has been found that a nerf gun can last over 10 years with conditions of good care and maintenance. These guns can shoot more than 5000 times in these 10 years. Where some guns go dead after 2000 shots, at the same time some other nerf guns can shoot more than 6000 shots.

Are Nerf Guns Fragile

Usually, they are not fragile. But depending upon the body material along with bad maintenance, sometimes they can be fragile after using for a longer time. Fragility largely depends on whether the gun’s body has come in touch with natural factors for a longer time. Especially direct sunlight can damage and can make a gun fragile.

Most Durable Nerf Gun


Currently, the best gun is Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. It has the best quality of firing along with good body material which makes it the best among the concurrent products. The manufacturer itself demands that the product will last more than 8 years with the medium. Because the plastic used in the product is one of the most durable plastics. Plastic has a lot of strength to prevent fragility. It is strong enough to withstand usual environmental challenges. The accessories of this product are very compatible while using it. That is crucial because these guns may get broken or unusable due to using incompatible accessories like gadgets. This manufacturer provides extra, much more comfortable accessories which give better feelings while using it.


Many factors work behind how long a nerf gun will last. A user must remember and follow the already explained guidelines for a better experience while purchasing or using one. We must be careful while playing with these nerf guns.

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