Super Soaker CPS 2000 || Everything You Need To Know

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Super soaker is a type of toy water gun that was invented accidentally by Lonnie Johnson in 1982. He was an engineer at NASA and this product, when came into the market, took the market by storm, and replaced the old traditional toy water pistols immediately.  This product made almost $1 Billion.

Super Soaker CPS 2000

Then, in 1996, Larami took the charge and released super soaker cps 2000 to win the market. It again got a boom and because it was the first constant pressure system (CPS) water blaster gun that single piece. And because of its largest size available at that time on the market, we can say that it is the most powerful water blaster gun ever.

This product got discontinued because of the continued complaints of the parents. Because it can damage your vision very badly due to its high pressure, accuracy if pointed right at your naked eye. The risk of damaging the eye will still be there even the person closes the eye. Larami should have advised age limit and to wear proper gear before playing with this super soaker 2000. 

But Hasbro has started to relaunch this beast to play with proper gear and guidance as this is not a sport to be banned. It’s just a household sport that everybody can play (with proper precautions).

Super soaker cps 2000 mk1 vs mk2

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The first release of super soaker cps 2000

Its first release was called cps 2000 mk1 and this version came with a pressure gauge at the front of the gun near the shoulder strap. Its nozzle was 25x hence, there was a warning label on it not to shoot at people’s eyes or faces. And due to that 25x nozzle, it could easily outperform as well as out-range.

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The second release of super soaker cps 2000

The second release of the super soaker cps 2000 is called cps 2000 mk2. This release has only a few changes in the design nothing much changed. One noticeable change was its pressure gauge’s length because it shortened and that’s why the capacity was reduced by 25%. And the second change was its fill cap that was now tethered. Users reported that the first release of this water baster had better shoot time, distance range, and water output than this model. This model’s range was recorded at an average of 55 feet in 70 shot tests. But most of the stock models shot at almost 50 feet.

Super Soaker CPS 2000

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The design of this water blaster gun makes it a beast as its size, and massive nozzle are combined with complete detailing. It looks like a cannon that emits the power of pressure from its profile. This toy gun consists of the sliding fill gauge attached to a pressure chamber window and fully encased and sealed internal parts, and finally a completely track-ed pump. It has evolved from the older versions of CPS. Even when its size is very big and it is sturdy, still it gives a good feeling when you hold it from the trigger area and more usage comfort from the upper refill area.

Original super soaker 2000 has a shoulder strap that adds to the comfort of the player because of its heavy size as it is easy to use when on your shoulder than on your arms. This strap is not only just helpful in managing the weight but also you can sling the gun at your back and let your hands be free. And whenever you need it, you can pull it in front again.

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Build and Ergonomics

This beast feels heavy but not too heavy and sturdy. But it is made with quality plastic and its pump grip consists of some texturing on it. Having said that it still moves smoothly along the tracks. The synced alignment between its trigger guard and the long handle is very good. And the top handle is there to maintain the balance in a way that when filling it or empty, it is easy to hold. As we talked about earlier, it is very easy to hold but the addition of a shoulder strap is very comfortable. It lets you hold it for longer periods just because that way you can shift the weight from hands to the shoulders.

One thing that people want to buy and search for super soaker cps 2000 for sale is that if you adjust its strap properly. It even goes well with one hand. But you may need to re-pump after a short shot or two. One thing that needs the attention of the manufacturers is the cap of the reservoir. Because there should be some sort of a tether with the reservoir. So that when the water blaster is not in use, the cap doesn’t get lost.

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Overall Performance

Its size and a thick stream of water make it powerful, and, in this factor, it is unrivaled obviously as compared to the super soaker 2000 mk1. It throws water in front of the user at about 50 feet of distance where water output is almost 1 liter. Its complete water storage is 3.1L but due to that 1L water output at a single throw, it requires a refill after more than just three shots. But as it is larger than most of the water guns, it is marvelous. It is so powerful that when you shoot the shot, it produces a kickback effect that the user feels for sure. You can understand its power level by looking at the range and thickness of the water stream.


It is capable of soaking your opponent’s undergarments with its strong stream of the pressure of water. The pumping mechanism is underneath the barrel which makes it quite sturdy, and you can count on it if you need damage resistance in your weapon. But eventually, it is just plastic, so no guarantees of it not being damaged in all use cases. But you could buy parts if any damages faced back in the days from super soaker cps 2000 repair shops.


The first problem with it is that it is very heavy. Also, you need to pump at least 20-25 times for loading it completely. But it gets empty really fast and then again you have to refill. If one wants to save some water by using it a little longer, it is not possible due to only one option of nozzle that you can use on it.

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Isoakercom ratings

  • Power: 100.
  • Range: 100.
  • Encumbrance: 80.
  • Ergonomics: 75.
  • Capacity: 90.
  • Overall: 85.

Where to buy super soaker cps 2000?

After getting to know more about this amazing weapon, people usually search for where to buy super soaker cps 2000. It was available back in the days when there were no bans or restrictions on it. That’s how it made more than $1 Billion at that time. But the manufacturers of that time did not think about its safety precautions and mentioned an age limit on it with the safety gear that is important while playing with it.

Children used to play with this gun a lot as it outperformed the earlier versions of the soaker guns. But then complaints started to roam around that its powerful water stream damages the eyes and can cause permanent vision loss. There was no limit at the age regarding the damage takers. Its shots used to hurt everyone, even the adults. Therefore, the government banned this product from selling on the market and that’s why this super soaker cps 2000 for sale is very hard to find. You can say that it has become nearly impossible to find. This beauty is now in the ownership of the lucky ones only. Some websites list this product for auction, but you cannot find it everywhere lying just in the toy shops.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You may have heard about this super soaker cps 2000 from somewhere or watched any videos of it being the best. That’s a real beast in water weapons so far. Unfortunately, it is not available to purchase from any platform but if you want to enjoy it, you can buy its other variants or some other lesser but still powerful water weapons online.

We hope you got some valuable information from this article but still, if you got any questions or suggestions, then please write them down in the comment section below. And share this article with other water sports lovers and we’ll be very thankful to you.

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